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What small thing drives you nuts for no real reason?

What small thing drives you nuts for no real reason?

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  1. The amount of people who censor their profanity, like writing fck instead of fuck or sh*t instead of shit. Just seems childish and kinda defeats the purpose of a expletive altogether.

  2. People who do things slowly. I dont mean disabled people, and no not just old people. Taking your time in line, going 20 mph in a 35 mph zone. Being slow at work, just being inefficient I guess would be the better word. I wish I had nowhere to be and nothing to do and could just take my time holding everyone else in line up.

  3. When someone is riding your ass on the road and then gets to a passing zone with literally no oncoming traffic but chooses to just keep their lights as close as possible instead. Fuck those people

  4. Things that are loading…

    Ive come to realized Ive come to expect instant responses from things like internet loading, smart tvs if the button response isnt instant and computers and phones, I get a shallow feeling of anxiousness , I have no idea how patient things were 15 years ago

  5. My roommate has a deviated septum, and every few minutes he snorts extremely loudly as if trying to clear congestion. He has a tell that he’s about to do it, and I’ve been conditioned to twitch angrily whenever he makes the noise that precedes the snort. Of course, we live in America, so his barely-insured ass can’t afford to meet his deductible to get the extremely routine operation to correct his issue. And the snorting clearly doesn’t help, considering he’s been doing it every few minutes for longer than the 2 years I’ve known him. All the same, his utter lack of impulse control (in not recognizing that it isn’t helping, it’s just making disturbing noise for everyone he exists around) is driving me up the wall almost as much as the snorting itself.

    It’s loud man, I’m not kidding, I can be in the garage and hear him in the house, upstairs, in his room on the opposite side of the building.

  6. I always think of the woman I was doing business with and I needed to give my phone number.. and I said 45 zero ..etc ..she was so happy I didn’t say 45 oh.. I could tell this bugged her every day, so I did good .. (oh is a letter and zero is a number, she gratefully reminded me)

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