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What should a girl do while a man is going through the post nut clarity?

What should a girl do while a man is going through the post nut clarity?

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  1. Reading the comments and thinking, maybe it’s just me that thought post nut clarity to be the moment after a guy nuts where he thinks, “Holy shit, what did i just do?” Usually not a good thing when another person is involved.

  2. Depends on what you mean by “post-nut clarity”.

    If he’s being distant, just stay your course – treat him the same, based on how *you* feel about *him*. It could be that he’s having second thoughts, sure, but it could also be that he’s feeling a vulnerability hangover, feeling insecure, or simply unsure how to navigate where your relationship is right now.

    If by “post-nut clarity” you simply mean that he’s konked out asleep, and you’re not tired…you could snuggle with him and enjoy the intimacy of that. Maybe you’ll fall asleep too. Or, if you’re bored, go to another room and read, or whatever. A courtesy post-coital glass of water for him by the bed while he sleeps is always a nice gesture, too.

    *Edit: Typo*

  3. My post nut thought process has always been “fuck me that was incredible, give me five minutes, I want another go”

    I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this “clarity” thing, not the way it’s been described, anyway.

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