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What scent or cologne does your lady like?

I’ve been wearing Guggi by Gucci for Men when I became adult enough to wear it. I’ve had frequent compliments on it over the years from others, but my wife says she’s never really liked it, so I very rarely spray it on anymore. What do you guys wear that your wife/gf likes on you?

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  1. Dior Sauvage, Pasha by Cartier, Armani Aqua Di Gio

    My favorite though is ***The One*** by Dolce and Gabbana – it always makes me feel like putting on a tuxedo and playing high stakes poker in ~~Morocco~~ Monaco.

    EDIT: geography

  2. My bar soap in the shower is coffee scented and my deodorant and cologne all natural and woodsy smelling and my girlfriend loves it. I smell like coffee and pine trees

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