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What moment made your Dad realize that you were a man?

What moment made your Dad realize that you were a man?

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  1. As in “not a boy anymore” or “not a girl/woman”?

    Anyway… here’s both answers:

    “Oh he’s not a girl” moment: When I peed standing up.

    “My son is now a man” moment: When I got out of school, with my 1st trade and started working 60hrs a week to provide for myself (I was 19-20 years old)

  2. I enlisted in the Navy in the early 2000’s. At boot camp graduation, which is called pass and review, each sailor was afforded two guests. My wife couldn’t come because our child was just born a week prior to me graduating and my mom couldn’t come because she wanted to help her out. So my dad, having been a 22 year Navy vet, jumped at the chance and hopped on a plane to Great Lakes, IL to attend. I remember seeing him in the stands and after the ceremony, we met at the bleachers. He gave me a look that I’ve never seen him give me before and at that point, I understood the look was the look a father gives to his son for the first time upon realizing that he isn’t looking at a boy anymore, he’s looking at a man.

  3. Shit, I don’t know. I moved countries at 17 by myself. I now have a house a wife and a child with a well-paying job. I sometimes wonder if he thinks I’m a man or just his son he’s not a super chatty kind of a guy.

  4. I would guess that no matter jobs I have and lose, I still push on, I still work hard, I still grow and learn and become wiser, and become as self-reliant as possible.

    Self-Responsibility is very hard but very empowering.

  5. When he realized I was better at most practical life skills than he is. Fixing things, cooking, finances, etc. Now he comes to me for advice and help with all sorts of things. He still insists on paying for everything when I am with him though, despite that I make a great living.

  6. The day I was working my summer job and learned we were selling the house we lived in (insurances didn’t want to pay for the owner’s death whom was my grandmother’s companion).

    Called my dad to tell him I wanted to talk to him on lunch break and he came over. At first, he thought I was going to tell him I was gay which I immediately shot down; I wanted to know if I could help keep the house by working a part time job or something while going to school.

    I think it is the day he realized I was more concerned about what was happening than what he originally expected.

  7. I don’t remember what we were fighting about when I was 16 but be tried to get in my face to make his point when he suddenly realised I had about half a foot and 50lbs on him

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