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What makes you afraid of crying around others?

What makes you afraid of crying around others?

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  1. They’ll see my weakness and I’ll never live it down.

    Of course I never have to deal with that though, my upbringing made it so I can’t cry, it just doesn’t happen. More painful than you’d think, not being able to cry when watching that damn dog die in whatever damn movie you’re watching hurts man, it hurts bad.

  2. I dont want people to have to deal with MY problems. If I made someone upset because i can’t control my feelings then I will feel worse. I dont like putting my problems emotional or physical into other peoples shoulders.

  3. Just losing control of my emotions, showing that a situation has put me to my breaking point, and not being able to pull myself together. I’m not really afraid of crying in front of others if I’m sad or in pain, but crying out of stress or anger is a really horrible feeling, especially if it’s in a professional setting. I’ve had disagreements and arguments with managers who have put me in shit situations, and its the worst when they are completely composed, and I’m having to slow down my speech with tears in my eyes because I feel like I’m about to lose it.

  4. Because I hate to show vulnerability and raw emotions to people. I’ve only cried a few times in public spaces. Most recently it was at work (summer camp counselor) because of one of my kids. Her dad was going through another round of chemo and from her reaction, she didn’t know what was going on. I hate to admit it but I physically, mentally, and emotionally broke down and just couldn’t stop crying. I was upset at the world, life, and how unfair everything was.

    My coworkers were shocked because I never really show any forms of emotions other than putting on a smile everyday.

  5. I am not afraid I just find it better to save it for when I am alone so I do not have to subject people to a lack of emotional control.

    Also because it pains me to see others upset I refuse to potentially make others feel the same way as a result of me being upset in front of them.

  6. I wasnt allowed to cry around my Parents as a child because “Boys dont cry” and they would get annoyed and yell at me if I do. So whenever I do i feel like I’m annoying others and that they are mad at me.

  7. To be honest I’m not afraid to cry around my friends, as I choose I hang around very seriously and carefully. However I would never cry in front of a stranger, it’s something they could exploit and then I would have to knock the cunts teeth out if they used it against me.

  8. I have severe claustrophobia. When I was a child we were on a family vacation and we needed to get somewhere in the city. I begged my family not to get on the train because it would be crowded take another form of transportation.

    But that was inconvenient for the family and my sisters so we boarded the train and immediately we were packed in like sardines.

    I couldn’t breathe and I started crying. So mom mother whispered in my ear “Don’t let these grown ups see you cry”.

    That’s how I learned that my needs and feelings are not as important.

    This is how we are conditioned.

  9. [](

    *”If you’re gonna weep, keep it from sunshine So no one sees. I won’t cry, “Above all things boy, be a man” See little boy hiding amongst shadows Ashamed of tears exposing ancient pain “*

    Some people might totally disagree with this based on their political beliefs, but in a traditional, old-fashioned relationship, the man is meant to be the protector, stoic, a rock. I don’t believe we should bottle everything up, but letting emotions peek through too much can instill uncertainty in our spouses. *”Geez, if he’s falling apart, that’s half our foundation!”*

    Maintaining composure in the face of adversity is a leadership characteristic.

  10. Being seen as weak or girly. That’s why I numbed my emotions and choose to push away my mental health problems to the back of my mind. In my mind I’m alone, I’ll suffer alone.

  11. That they’ll start a fucking conversation and not let me cry in peace. That they’ll think I won’t function at my job properly because I’m crying.

    But idgaf if I want to cry I’ll cry But I hardly ever feel like crying.

  12. depends on the time and place.

    crying is a very personal thing to me. and it makes me feel vulnerable – which isn’t a bad thing per se but makes me uncomfortable.

    crying from laughter is a very different story tho

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