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What makes ohhh so important to guys?

I keep hearing how ohhh is important to a man and so many guys complain they haven’t had ohhh in a long time.

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  1. Sex is often shorthand for a lot of things:

    1) Validation as a desirable male.

    2) Intimacy

    3) A way to feel successful

    4) Ideally, sex is also fun.

    Basically, if you are having sex on your terms, you’re not fucking up. Or at least, not as badly as other guys are. A whole lot of what is considered by many as markers of male success is gated by who wants to fuck you and how much they do. That’s how men can find themselves chasing women at the expense of everything else if they don’t have a strong identity established. A guy who fucks is demonstrably doing something right.

  2. Well the complaining is probably because it’s quite hard to get sex as a man.

    As for why we even want it (seemingly more than women), there’s two factors: Biology and society.

    For one, cum is cheap, eggs are expensive. A woman (evolutiomarily) takes a big risk when she has sex, whatever happens, she’s gonna be stuck with the kid, first for nine months where she is an easy target for sabre tooth tigers, disease and dieing in childbirth. A man meanwhile can bang a different cavewoman everyday and split afterwards.

    Second: Society. “Getting pussy” is seen as a triumph for the man, everytime he scores he gets approval from the community. Less so for women, with every additional “score” she gets viewed with more suspicion. So whatever the natural horniness is, it gets encouraged in men and discouraged in women.

  3. Sex drive is like a different kind of hunger. If it’s not sated, you feel it.

    This isn’t a guy thing, either. Women can and do have libidos. And they can and do experience the exact same “hunger”.

    Perhaps examine your own sexist assumptions that drove you to ask this in the first place.

  4. It’s not very important to me any more… but neither are dating and relationships. I guess that kinda means, in a way, that sex is “so important to guys” becauae when I lost interest in sex… I lost interest in everything.

    I mean… Sure… Cuddling and having someone playing with your hair would be nice… But it is SOoOooo not worth the work for just that.

  5. the closest thing it can be described to a female as is that its like an addictive drug. if you dont like it then find one of the guys that also dont. otherwise make it clear quickly that you dont want it and if he does then its either not going to work out or you need to be ok with him going out a couple times a week.

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