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What looks romantic but isn’t romantic?

I’ll go first, sitting on the laps.

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  1. Buying someone a car as a surprise. “Hey honey, I bought you a car payment for Christmas! You didn’t get to have input on the color, or options, but I was able to get it finance on an 8 year note!”

  2. At home:

    Rose petals on the floor, bed, with candles all over the room. Who’s gonna clean everything? Us.

    Sex against the wall with the guy carrying the girl. The back burn isn’t worth it. The fear of being dropped is also not worth it. Not to mention it takes a lot of work on the guy, which could be reserved for longer sex in other position.

    Sex in shower. Cold, slippery. Bruised my knees and elbows, almost hit head on the wall.


    Feeding each other.

    Kissing in the rain. Kissing with constant water pelting down your eyes isn’t a great feeling.

  3. Falling asleep while cuddling. If it happens on accident its whatever but my ex liked to sleep on my chest to fall asleep. Being a stomach sleeper i detested it and would flip over the moment i could nudge her off of me.

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