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What let’s you know that you’re starting to fall in love?

What let’s you know that you’re starting to fall in love?

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  1. Love is a choice that you make every single day. When you choose to live your life with that person and simple outings like going to the grocery store with them is fun and exciting, you’re in love.

  2. When you see something about them that bothers you. When that happens and you can see yourself choosing to stick by them, that’s love. It’s a choice to dedicate yourself to them, good *and* bad. Everyone can talk about feelings till the cows come home, but those will fade and faster than you assume. It’s that choice to help each other be happy and continue on.

  3. It’s a bit weird and almost surreal but I experience all these changes of heart through dreams. It’s like I’m not in love, then I’ve got a dream about the person, and I don’t mean a sexual one but usually something mundane featuring us talking, then I wake up and I know I’m in love. And it’s not exclusive to romantic feelings, I’ve got similar dreams everytime I change my feelings toward someone.

  4. You notice all the little things, like a hyper awareness. The way light shines through their hair, they way their eyes crinkle when they laugh, even they way them slinging into the room with you makes you happy. Not high happy, or funny happy, but almost home for the summer after the last day of school happy.

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