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What lesson did you learn by being dumped that made you a better person?

What lesson did you learn by being dumped that made you a better person?

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  1. That I can’t allow something an ex did to me affect how I treat a new partner.

    (In my particular case, one ex lied to me a lot and in a future relationship I was overly suspicious and not trusting enough and I think that was at least a part of why she dumped me. Fortunately I overcame that and was able to trust again in the future.)

  2. I learned, that my habits built by my relationship with an ex, will not fly with someone new. If you want to date someone, make sure you’re truly ready for all the compromising things that relate to the individual.

  3. I had two or three really great girls in a row. We weren’t dating seriously, just hanging out, but they ditched me all at similar points in the relationship.

    I had to do a deep dive and ask myself what was going wrong. Because the first time or two I wrote it off as completely their problem.

    To make a long story short I had “sides” of me that I’d keep hidden until I felt the relationship was on secure footing. Then I’d start letting things go.

    It made me realize that longevity doesn’t entitle me to become a worse person. I’ve either got to improve myself or be upfront about who I am from the jump.

  4. Wasn’t an official relationship but:

    1) Communication is key. Practice your communication skills.

    2)Don’t be afraid to open up. Have laughter and fun in conversations but also don’t be afraid to get deep and build a connection. In other words, don’t take yourself to seriously but don’t be afraid to show who you really are.

    3) learn to love yourself before loving someone else. This saying is so true believe it or not.

    4) Make sure you are mentally healthy before entering a relationship. You’re happiness should come from within yourself, not from someone else around you.

  5. Words don’t mean shit. Love said and sold means nothing without the actions that show how deeply it is felt. And don’t trust someone who cheats, lies, or steals.

    And on my end, I am terrible at emoting. Like to the point that some people think of me as heartless and borderline sociopathic. Been doing some work on that

  6. didnt get dumped actually dumped them but I learned the lesson that you will always have somebody else. the scariest thing about a break up is wondering if ull be alone forever and nver find anyone else. but u always will. never forget that

  7. I realized was a terrible communicator which probably made her feel awful at times when she we were having serious conversations about our relationship and where it was going.

  8. Stay close to someone you think is the perfect partner or befriend with them. I I had 1 date with someone, she then found someone else mor einteresting or appealing. They broke up and I tried again. Welly stupid me learned the lesson..

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