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What length of time is “Soon”?

I’m waiting to hear back from somebody and they said they’d get back to me “soon”. To me, “soon” means within a few hours. To them, it means a few days. So what does the AskMen community think?

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  1. It depends on context.

    You call me and i can’t talk and I say “I’ll call you back soon,” it’s a few hours.

    Me working on my car and someone asking when I’ll be done with it and I say “soon,” I mean sometime between now and Christmas.

  2. I’ve received an accepted a job offer. This process has already been dragged out for two months. I am waiting for HR at my new company to provide me with paperwork to finalize the offer. My new boss (who I’ve known and worked for previously) told me HR would get back to me “soon”.

  3. Soon is context dependent.

    “I am going to get up from this chair soon to grab a drink” means a few minutes.

    “I am going to go to the store soon” means a few minutes or a few hours.

    “We should start thinking about where we spend the vacation soon” means a few days or weeks.

    “Soon after the big bang” might mean a few nanoseconds.

    “Soon after the solar system came into being,…” might mean a few millions of years.

    Basically, the context determines a reasonable timeframe, and “soon” states that it will happen sometime at the beginning of that timeframe. Sometimes this does not mean the same for everyone involved.

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