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What kind of dirty talk do you like to hear while having ohhh?

What kind of dirty talk do you like to hear while having ohhh?

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  1. After 30-45 minutes of foreplay, she says something like, “put it in me already, I’m aching. Please,” that shit turns me on so much. I gotta calm down after that or else imma bust in .734 seconds lmao

  2. One guy i was with told me to speak Spanish to him while we did it and i couldnt come up with anything so i said the words to the song Llorona. I was at a loss. He seemed confused. I was confused and didnt know what to do. We never hooked up again. He probably thought i was insane if he understood it at all. Not too worried, he was a fuck and chuck anyways.

  3. Usually anything that doesn’t involve insane screaming when other people are at home.

    I remember one moment where I was massaging the girl and after 20-30 minutes of foreplay we were both so built up. When I slid my dick in, I immediately went in with my full size because she was so wet. Her whole body tensioned up, her eyes went wide and she grabbed one of my legs while saying “Oh my god.” gasping for air. Yeah, that was hot.

  4. Lots of feedback and direction.

    “Keep doing that”, “that feels good “ “feel me here”

    Also descriptive, lots of adjectives.

    Don’t fake an orgasm, but do fake feeling like you will if I keep going. Sex is a two way street and nothing is more sexy than seeing the other person enjoy being with you. It’s hard to nut when you only have “hurry up and nut already so I can watch the kardasians” vibes to work with

  5. She picks. Usually good girl /bad girl stuff. If she’s been good I reward her. If she’s been bad I punish her.

    I’m not sure if she has figured out it’s all the same stuff.

  6. One of the hottest things ever said to me was by an ex who simply said “cum all over my pussy.”

    Now that may not seem much to some but she was a pretty shy and conservative woman who didn’t talk dirty much. So to hear her get so caught up in the moment she said something like that was a real turn on.

    Maybe it’s all situational but if she gets carried away and just starts saying all the dirty things that are on her mind, even if it’s just incoherent gibberish, that’s a huge turn on.

  7. I have been working on this a lot lately. I like to scale up from less vulgar and intense to more vulgar as she gets closer to climax. I’ll start out with kissing, whispering things I find attractive about her. small things; the way her hair falls gently on her shoulders, the contrast of her skin where the light trickles in through the window, how soft her breath is when she kisses my ear, how wanted I feel when I’m with her, how sexy she makes me feel. I try my best to gauge her reaction, feel her body and movements as I speak, try to pinpoint if she likes it when I talk about her looks, her laugh, or me or her physical attributes. Once I have a better idea of *what* she wants me to talk about I can go into more detail. As she gets closer to climax I will ramp up the talk and start mentioning specific parts of us, my penis, her vagina. How wet she is, how hard I am, how horny she makes me, how badly I want to make her cum. Again, very dependent on the person, I’ve found that some women still get uncomfortable at the anatomical mention of genitals so it’s important to pay attention and see how they react. I will also ask questions if they are responsive; do you like the way I touch you? Can I go faster or slower? How can I make you cum? Communication is paramount if they are willing and I’ve found if I am open, genuine and not apprehensive about the things I’m saying and asking I will get a good response. Sex is very mental for women, they can turn on a dime if it’s taking a long time for them to cum, they will feel bad and get distracted. If I feel this is happening, I will look into her eyes and say with the utmost genuine tone and feeling I can muster “I don’t care how long it takes you to cum, I want to make you cum and I love touching/licking you, I want you to enjoy yourself because pleasing you is my only goal”


    There is no perfect answer, I’ve never been with two women who like the exact same type of talk. Communication is far more important than anything you can imagine saying, so talk, talk to them, tell them what you want like, ask them what they want and like, ask them if they are distracted, is there anything we can do to our environment to make you more comfortable. Turning on/off the lights, closing a window, clock ticking. There is no end to the things that can distract women and if you manipulate your environment to cater to their mental state it only helps.

    EDIT: Shit I misread the question, leaving it up.

  8. None.

    The best sex ever was with a girl who never talked during sex, and I didn’t talk either. No acted out moans or grunts either. None of us needed any cues. We just knew.

  9. I don’t really talk much during sex. I make grunts moans and noises sure but talking isn’t my thing. Maybe a few things here and there but it’s the same fucking shit over and over it doesn’t do much for me. Idc if my girl does tho, that doesn’t bother me.

  10. Dirty talk really makes me cringe, so I’m not into it at all.

    I wouldnt consider this dirty talk, per se, but I am into genuine expressions of enjoyment, as well as gentle guidance.. both giving and receiving. You know..things like “Keep doing that!” and “Oh, Yes, to the left!” and guiding my hands to where they’re wanted.

  11. I’ve never experienced it until my last relationship, and it was actually wonderful. Feedback, talking about how things felt, adjectives, calling each other hot names, it was wonderful. I really enjoyed how natural it was.

    I’ve never gotten to express or use my more dominant side, of which is the majority of my personality. I’m at switch at about 70% dom and 30% sub, and it was really great to have someone who wanted to be apart of that dynamic. There was so much more I would have loved to have done.

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