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what it is “to be a man”?

what it is “to be a man”?

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  1. You must be swift as the coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire. Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

  2. There are two kinds of “men”. I see you’re using “be a man” in quotations and that phrase can mean mostly one of two things.

    The first one is seen as a tough person. The world is full of suffering and injustice and men have to be protectors of women, themselves, their families, and things they care about, but this protection comes at cost to the man. This can be physical, but also mental and emotional. To “be a man” is to understand that whining and complaining about this suffering won’t fix it so therefore you must endure it. This isn’t you cannot change things but all change and all forward movement comes with pain and cost and sacrifice. Gym takes time, work takes time and you get yelled at by people you don’t have power to back talk to. That part of being a man is enduring this because the world is painful.

    The second man is not just a tough person but also a better man than the first. Tough men become aloof and stoic. They internalize the pain and oftentimes their emotions are stunted such that they can’t show them.

    The second man is a more mature man to be because they endure like the first but have control over more than simply the “masculine”. They have control over feminine traits like compassion, mercy, sympathy and charity. This man takes what is required to be a man, but adds to it to become a better more well rounded man. The first in a way is like metal. They take a lot of beating but they bend very little and they break and stay broken.

    The second is like wood. They take a beating still, but they bend and give and can go back to their original shape.

    Be the second man.

  3. This is the sort of question that differs based on the man but my definition of it is simply confidence in yourself and your abilities. Being a man entitles being confident in yourself and your identity and being able to stand on your own feet to face whatever adversity comes your way. It’s not about being macho or strong. It’s about building yourself and your identity until you feel confident that you can deal with the world at large and navigate your way through it. 90% of situations can be resolved if you have the ability and confidence in your ability. If you come across a situation that you’re not confident in handling or that isn’t going your way then you know where your failings are and where you need to improve. Being a man is being someone who learns and improves every day before then applying what he learned to face the adversity that may come.

  4. To do what has to be done without complaining about it, putting it off, throwing a temper tantrum, getting emotional, getting illogical, or fighting with those you work with.

    To control yourself, treat and compose yourself with respect, dignity, honour, compassion, and understanding.

    To treat others with all the things you should treat and compose yourself with.

    To remain calm, logical, focused, and ready under adversities. Doing your best not to allow things going wrong to cause you panic.

    To be responsible and accountable. If something needs done, you do it. If you mess up, you admit it. If there’s a mistake, you fix it. If you’re the cause, you figure out what went wrong and you do your best not to make the mistake again. If you’re not the cause, you don’t shame or degrade the person responsible. You fix the issue and, if needed, you help them learn how not to make the mistake again.

    To be caring and fatherly to the young, and to be kind and helpful to others. You should be both a leader and a partner to those who need it, and both a role model and a teacher to the young.

    Then, at the end of everything, once the day is done, you let everything go. This doesn’t mean treat it like it’s gone; this means let the flood gates open. Let the stress tire you out, let yourself cry if you need to, let yourself vent into your hobbies or rant if you’re angry, let yourself confide in those you trust, let yourself be hurt. Feel your lust and love, feel the happiness of your accomplishments and the desires of your hobbies and lover. Let the peace return to your mind.

    Then sleep, and return to do it all again tomorrow, so that you can build a future for the young ones you lead to live easier than you had to live.

  5. Someone once told me, when you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see a person taking care of his responsibilities? Do you see a person being they’re for his family? No those are characteristics of a man. That person you see in the mirror is YOU that man. So when YOU see yourself in that mirror remember YOU are that man doing those things.

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