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What is your pet peeve that other men don’t seem to care about?

What is your pet peeve that other men don’t seem to care about?

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  1. Iron your clothes dude. That’s a great outfit and all but you look like trash because there’s a huge difference between “freshly ironed” and everything else. Even folded clothes straight out of the drawer look like trash sometimes. Even clothes fresh out of the laundry. Get an iron and learn to use it.

  2. All my friends ( including mh brother) are dirty fucks. It annoys me how dirty they keep their places and sometimes it really bothers me like come on you knew you will have some friends over, at least remove those fucking dishes that have been laying there for over 2 weeks.

    Or those foodcrumbs, why do you keep walking over them with your socks? Just clean it up ffs and I’m not talking about young 18-19 year olds. No, I’m talking about men the youngest being 27. Still annoys me, after all the years I’ve been hanging out with them

  3. Health. I’m 32 and it seems like every man older than me has a death wish with how they eat and how little they move. It makes me sad to know I’m watching these guys slowly commit suicide by burger and knowing they won’t listen.

    These are guys with spouses and kids and there is no concern for self-preservation.

  4. Safety on the job, or lack thereof. The worst are the guys that don’t wear PPE because of machismo. Yeah, no. I’m not going to lose my hearing, my eyes, or my life for this company that would replace me in two weeks without a second thought. I don’t give a shit if I have to wear only slightly uncomfortable ear-plugs, safety glasses, and a silly jacket to do that; I’m paid the same either way.

    Also, eat some fucking vegetables once in a while and don’t drink your weight in soda; seriously! It baffles me how many accessibility scooters in America aren’t used by people who have broken legs, etc. but rather people who are so fat that they cannot even walk

  5. keeping the toilet clean…

    i feel like im the only one who actually lifts the seat up (unless im too lazy in which case i sit) to pee. had a housemate who would just pee and not clean up the ‘splash damage’ on the toilet seat or on the floor.

  6. Drinking out of bottles and cartons. Sweet baby Jesus, just get a glass.

    Using a bidet or showering after they shit. Not sure why this isn’t more popular amongst people.

  7. Water and wet things in the floor.

    I guess I can’t answer for all men and if they care about it, but it’s probably at top of my pet peeve list. I cannot stand to see water in the bathroom floor or wet towels crumpled up on the floor. Dry off when you’re in the bathtub/shower and hand your damn towels up.

  8. Someone talking about what drugs they do and if I’m interested in trying it. No I’m not into it and probably will never try it. Feel free to do it in your own time, just don’t get me involved. Half my friends have done weed. But they are top guys otherwise.

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