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What is your favourite “Men will be men” moment?

What is your favourite “Men will be men” moment?

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  1. Went into the warehouse and did the Chimpanzee scream like I saw in a video.. just to see.. and low and behold the entire warehouse, full of grown ass, hairy ass, sweaty ass, tired ass men erupted in countless loud monkey calls… you would’ve thought rival monkey gangs were at war or some shit.. damn that was good.

  2. Walking into a toilet cubical to take a poo and there’s already piss in the bowl, on the seat, on the floor, on the walls, on the roof, in your pocket, in your lunch etc, it’s just everywhere… but you still gotta take a poo

  3. Starting a bonfire and everybody’s got their tips for how to start it, where to place the logs, etc.

    Fire’s going just fine but there are six of us just poking at it with sticks and keeping watch just in case the whole night.

    Every single time.

  4. When something doesn’t work and pretty much every man in the vicinity tries to fix it, even if one of them is off to the side playing with a random part of the contraption, trying to figure out where it’s supposed to go.

  5. Middle of the Persian Gulf, 3 am, aircraft carrier.

    Just got off the phone with my wife. My daughter was born about an hour ago.

    My buddy was up so we went to the smoke pit to smoke a cigar.

    20-30 guys up there. Didn’t know any of them.

    My buddy goes “HE JUST BECAME A DADDY”

    20-30 guys cheer, loud as fuck, handshakes and congratulatory slaps all around.

    These guys don’t know me, we worked on different parts of the ship and a carrier is big, but they were all sharing in that moment with me, sharing a little bit of good news near the end of a miserable deployment.

    Something primal and ancient, the tribe rejoicing over a new member.

    Never forget that.

  6. At race track trying to either figure out why car wont handle or turn out hp…everyone got a plan…lol then my buddies wife comes up(she is pretty hot and is one of tire changers) and tells us what dum asses we are and has a solution 🙂

  7. The best “men will be men” moments are those “I’m gonna shoot you and you’re going to try to deflect the bullets with this dustbin lid” moments.

    The best “men will be men” moment from my life is me and a woman doing such a thing. So “men will be men” should not be taken literally there.

    She was standing on a chair with a soda can on her head for me to wall kick off of her head.
    Everyone involved was drunk.
    I succeeded on the second attempt.

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