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What is your favorite breed of dog?

What is your favorite breed of dog?

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  1. Mutts.

    It’s technically not a breed, but they’re great. They come in every shape, color and sizes. They’re usually very resilient and smart. And they just look different and unique.

    Second would be huskies, ’cause wolves.

  2. Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

    They get a bad rep because the people that have them are generally pieces of shit. Dogs tend to be a reflection of their owners to a degree.

    But treat them right, love them and make them feel loved and they’re one of the most caring, loyal and best behaved (not to mention batshittingly funny) breeds you’ll meet.

    Staffies are the underdog, the last one to be picked and the first ones to be cast aside. So they’ll always be my first choice.

  3. Got to say Great Dane, they are just massive guardians and can be big ol’ teddy bears if they wanted to be. Had one that died recently and the only hassel is their maintenance.

  4. i got lots:

    pitbulls: great family dogs douchey owners.

    border collies

    blue heelers

    jack russell terriers: kid will get tired before a jack russell runs out of energy.

    rottweilers: never hit a rottweiler like a elephant never forgets.

    doberman pinchers


    golden retrivers

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