What is your dream way to die? Extra points for creativity!

In these trying times some of us lean towards the morbid. I want to know what your best death looks like.

Anything from spontaneous combustion while being blown, to the earth suddenly freezing in rotation yeeting you dick first into the nearest object.

Dream big boys!

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  1. Locked in a mortal embrace with a bear whom I’ve just fatally wounded with a knife, protecting my wife and child, in cave in such a way I’ll be discovered in a thousand years and thought of as a badass.

  2. I’d rather not do it yet (die). But would not mind dyeing like a vigilante… only after I take out a butload of gangsters.

    I am watching too many movies, I know…

  3. If I’m going to die , and it not be boring ” in my sleep when I’m 92″ then it would have to be protecting someone. I’m the person who values other lives over my own. I of course won’t look for it, but if it was a sibling or any future kid I might have, sacrifice in order to save someone is my way to go.

    Eh or some dumb way where my last words were ” hey, watch this.”

  4. Nice suit, hair slicked back, at a cafe sippin an espresso. Suddenly three gun burst in firing bullets at me. I cop a few, but as I do, I pull my own gun and return fire, three bullets only. 1 bullet for each head. I then sit back against the cafe wall and light a cigarette. Go out with a smile on my face.

  5. Honestly I hope to die in my uniform.

    Either that or I come back, work my shitty 9-5, watch Netflix, get depressed and take it all out on my wife. I’m a real big fan of modern life.

    Nah in all seriousness. At least then there’s a cause behind my death and I could have done something that has actual meaning. If I was to paint my dream scenario

    High on a hill or by the sea, preferably alone with nature for the last hour or so before I bleed out or whatever.

  6. If I could die saving a bunch of people that’d be cool. Like going into a melting nuclear reactor to throw that really horribly designed safety switch. Or tackling a shooter in a crowded building. I’d be ok with those.

  7. I used to think it was HEROIN, but then I realized that you die from suffocating. I considered the gun shot to head, but that’s messy and somehow people tend to survive that. So here it is. Are you ready?

    I will have my body loaded into space craft sent directly to the center of the sun. My body will vaporize. All the atoms that made my body will be stuck in the sun’s gravitational hold. As the sun ages, expands, and engulfs the Earth, my essence will once again return to where I came from. Finally when the sun explodes, sending my atoms across space and time I will return to the cosmos from which I came.

  8. More for the curiosity of how it might feel, but because of how ludicrous it sounds, I wouldn’t mind falling from a cliff while on fire, and being chomped on by a shark on the way down. Just something poetically masculine about it.

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