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What is your creepy girl encounter?

What is your creepy girl encounter?

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  1. Had an ex tell everyone that I stalked her. Then would come to my Apartment trying to get sex out of me. Or text me asking why I wasn’t at home. (Pre-smart phone age). It was really awkward at first then our mutual friends caught on. Also she would convince new guys of the same shit.

  2. A girl in elementary school had a crush on me and kissed me everytime we were forced to work together. I said that I didn’t like her like that and then she cut my leg with scissors.

  3. There was this girl I dated in my 20s. She told me, on our 2nd date, that she has ovarian cancer, and won’t ever be able to have kids. I told her I was okay with that, and offered her emotional support. Over the course of the 5 weeks we dated, she would often have a breakdown over her diagnosis, and the stress it was causing her. Eventually she broke up with me, to be with another guy.

    I met up with a mutual friend about a year later. He was still in contact with her, and you guessed it, she never had cancer.

  4. I worked for a local government organization for 7 years, and at my going away party an older lady who I’d never seen before came up to me and said, “all of us in Administration have talked about how cute you are for years” and then shoved her tongue down my throat.

  5. I took a incredibly good looking girl out on a drive on our second date and she went into great detail how she could shoot me in the neck with her pistol, and cut my jugular with her knife. That was after she wanted to make out at a cemetery at 3:00am. Glad I lived to tell the tale. 😂

  6. We had been dating for a month. She was a bit of a loner and clingy but she was fun to be around and artistic. She had a major knack for drawing/painting. She did anime drawings, paintings and the like. She could make really well made anime hair/eyes. (This is important later) One of her friends apparently overheard me voicing some concerns in class to a friend of my own about some of her clingyness. But I was still really into her. Her friend let her know I was intending to break up with her ASAP which wasn’t true but apparently that’s what this friend told her about the conversation I had. She came at me between class periods screaming bloody murder that I couldn’t break up with her and that she needed me. Lots of people were watching. I tried to explain I wasn’t intending to break up but this outburst was freaking me out, which only made her act worse. I had to literally pry her off me to go to class and I broke up with her over text due to the reaction cause she freaked me out.

    She spent a lot of time crying around me and my group of friends during lunch for weeks afterwards.

    She drew an anime manga/comic/book and gave it to me. The front page was a drawn anime/cartoon version of me but with my eyes and face shrouded. Behind me a girl was wrapping her arms around me from behind not unlike the TV girl from The Ring but with a butcher’s knife in her hand draped carefully along my chest. It looked like the cover of a horror novel. I’m still not sure if the girl was meant to represent the protagonist or the “succubus.”

    It was a story about a girl protagonist (my ex) and a boy (me). They were deeply in love and professed their undying love for each other in an old abandoned tower on the outskirts of a small town they lived in. The boy gets lured away by some succubus like-monster girl who appears like a plain pretty girl but secretly is after my soul. Keep in mind, I didn’t break up with my ex for another woman, nor did I start dating anyone new or anything at all like this prior to receiving this book. But either way, this “other woman” lured my character away in the novel and put my character under a love spell. After some back and forth the main character (my ex) manages to convince me to come with her to the tower, where she manages to remind him of the love he had for her and break the spell. Creepy, yeah, but not totally batshit until I read the last two pages.

    Deciding they could not defeat the monster or get away from it, they resolve to commit suicide by jumping off the tower to their deaths, freeing them from being hunted by the succubus. They go on to live happily ever after as soul mates in Heaven, free from the monster.

    I ended up handing that book to counselors at my school. She’s still alive today so I think (hope?) she got the help she needed. Looking back it was obvious I shouldn’t have been anywhere near her and she was very mentally ill for a lot of reasons like her home life and so on. But I was young and didn’t know any better.

  7. I went down the wrong road in Tijuana. Then a bunch of hookers came up to me trying to make some money. I politely and quickly said no, but one wouldn’t take no for an answer. She reached up my shorts and grabbed my dick and tried to jerk me off right there in the street. I grabbed her arm and removed myself from the situation as fast as humanly possible.

  8. I would like to preface this with saying that I had a pretty wild early 20s, I took a lot of drugs so I had a lot of experience.

    Anyways when I was 25 I met a girl on Tinder and we hit it off pretty well. She really wanted to do an acid trip with me but I let her know it was something of a past life for me.

    We went on a hike after a month of knowing each other and she put acid in my drinking water. Midway through the hike I started tripping balls without knowing why.

    It all turned out ok, I knew what to expect so the day went by without a hitch; it was actually a really pleasant day. But slipping me drugs without my knowledge is a big nono, suffice to say the relationship ended the following week.

  9. I matched with a girl on Bumble and even after letting her know I don’t drink she insisted on meeting at a bar. On a Sunday night. At 10pm.

    I get there right at 10 and don’t see her, she messages me after a few minutes and lets me know she’s running late. So I sit down at the bar and order water and a girl sits down next to me and we start chatting. We quickly realized that we’re both waiting on the same person but neither of us knew that who we were waiting for had invited others that night.

    After about 20 minutes my match finally shows up so we find a place to sit, as a group of 4 now because someone else showed up, and start chatting and playing jenga. At one point my match gets up and says she needs to go to the bathroom and wants the girl who i mentioned previously to go with her. They come back and they’re both acting weird.

    About five minutes later she gets all worked up, saying things like “well maybe you two should finish this date” referring to me and her friend. Apparently while they were in the bathroom my matches friend told her that she thought we hit it off while we were waiting for my match to get there. So now she’s super pissed and thinks that her friend and I have conspired to ruin her night.

    She gets up and is going to leave and I follow her out and let her know that I’m not sure why her friend feels that way but that I didn’t feel like we hit it off and am still interested in hanging with her. She agrees but says shes tired and that we should just try again another time. She also mentions that she needs to get an uber and while she’s requesting the ride I watch her phone die. So I offer her a ride home.

    This ride home was horrible. She keeps going on and on about her friend and how she’s an alcoholic slut that keeps stealing people’s dates. Then she proceeded to tell me that she, my match, was a gambling addict and had lost her last job because they found out she was gambling while on the clock. Then she tells me that her and her soon to be ex husband had recently decided to abort the baby they conceived and how tough it’s been, just glossing over the part about her still being married as if it was no big deal. All the while she keeps telling me how much baggage her friend at the bar has and how ridiculous it would be for me to like her, which I insisted from the beginning I didn’t.

    After driving what seemed like aimlessly for 20 minutes I asked if we were getting close and she said no. She told me that she wasn’t going to let me find out where she lived and that I should take her to my house so we could get to know each other. I said absolutely not, I’m not taking you to my house so you can either tell me where you live so I can take you home or get out. She agrees to tell me where she lives and while we were on our way, for the second time, she tells me that she’s a huge supporter of the second amendment and has all kinds of guns in her house that’s she’s taken plenty of lessons with so she can defend herself. They she comes right out and tells me that if I try to make a move she will shoot me.

    As if I wanted anything to do with her, I just wanted her out of my car. When we get to her apartment complex she tells me she’ll text me so that we can plan our second attempt at a first date. To avoid a scene I agree and leave. Three days later she texts me a 7 paragraph essay on why she thinks I’m a piece of shit for hitting on her friend, which I absolutely didn’t do, and how lucky I am that she doesn’t know where I live because her and her new boyfriend want to teach me a lesson about respecting women.

  10. I don’t have many. Really only one stands out. When i was 10 i moved in with my aunt and uncle and their neighbor was a like 8 or 9 year old girl. She would chase me, feel me up, kiss me without permission and was generally always trying to be all over me to a weird degree.

  11. I was driving my friend home from the bar while her friend kept reaching up from the back seat trying to grab my crotch while telling me a list of things she wants to do to me. I politely declined because I wasn’t interested. Then she decided to pull out the big guns as she proceeds to put my entire ear in her mouth and lick the inside of my ear canal and ask if I wanted more. Probably not creepy as much as sexual assault but either way. Not my favorite interaction with someone I just met.

  12. They were identical twins. They did not like to be called by plural pronouns, explained they were really just halves of one person. They spoke in whispered twin-speak with bits of growls and plosives.

    Okay, that all didn’t bother me.


    .. they…sorry she…. giggled at inappropriate times. Like one time when we saw a little kid fall off her bike and cut their knee pretty good. I helped her out of the road, went to fetch her parents. Meanwhile, during this, 2 or 3 minutes, they were standing back laughing quietly.

    She stared off into space for long periods of time.

    She had jars of insect, amphibian, and small mammal road kill. Now, I’d be less creeped out if it was a more scholarly ordeal, like people that collect and carefully arrange butterflies or whatever. But these were just haphazardly thrown in mason jars.

  13. Last year I had a 3 month fling with a girl who creeped the bejezzus out of me. Our first date was spent with her trying to get me to join some climate protests happening across town outside a new skyscraper being built. Then when I declined because my company doesn’t allow us to give public support to political issues she accuses me of being a Nazi because I “hate the earth”. She knew I worked in construction and couldn’t go to the protest. I let it slide because she was kind of drunk and then she blew me in a quiet back room in a club she frequented.

    We dated casually and fucked frequently for the next two months later I invited her over to spend the night on Friday, telling her I had to pick up a special shift at my main office on Saturday. Next morning I wake up and find my apartment destroyed, a tree branch in my shower, mud all over my walls, leaves on the floor, and half my hard liquor gone. Turns out after I went to sleep she got up, decided to get drunk on my booze, and then do some Wiccan-satanist-weirdo ritual in my kitchen which involved running ass-naked through my apartment building’s garden at 1:00 in the morning and destroying the trees and bushes to drag them into my home.

    My appropriate response was “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM YOU FUCKING LUNATIC!?”

    Threw her and her stuff out of my apartment and picked up the shift. When I got back she was waiting for me with some talisman or something. Had to call my landlord to get her banned from the premises. It took another 2 weeks to get her to stop calling me.

    Arianna if you can see this, get some help. Seriously.

  14. There was a grey cat that always seemed to be in the bushes outside my house. Also, I had a stalker who always wore a grey beanie. I eventually realized that those were both the same thing

  15. A girl in high school band had a thing for me. She’d stare at me the whole time, and she sat directly across from me so it was hard not to make eye contact with her eventually (class was in a half circle). Whenever I’d unfortunately make eye contact with her, she’d attempt to seductively lick her clarinet. It was repulsive. Her stone cold gaze was the creepiest part.

  16. I married this chick who turned out to be fucking crazy. One time, in the middle of a fight she started, she suddenly ran out the door and drove off. About 10 mins later I see her walking back to the apartment. She parked the car somewhere else to keep me from leaving so that we could keep fighting.

  17. A few years ago I used to work at a bank as a teller. I was doing my clients transaction on my computer, I could see her in my peripheral vision just staring at me. She than starts complimenting my hair, eyes and beard. Then she says “If only I was 20 years younger, I would take you home with me”. I look at her profile, she was 74……I was 22 at the time. 😭

  18. “Friends” with a professional executive from a big snack food company who, like me, wasn’t looking to have a serious relationship. After sleeping together a couple of times, she invited me on a “company paid” vacation. Later things on her side seemed to get serious and as agreed, if that’s where things started to go, we would back off. Then came the 12am phone calls and house visits, showing up at my office, calls to friends and family and then… the calls from police. Good thing she was into videos or I’d have no proof of the consensual sex.

  19. When I was like 15 or 16 a girl around my age used to message me constantly. (Back in the ICQ and AOL days) I would set away messages and things to try to get her to stop. One night she messaged me and basically called me out over it and said that she came over to my house (like 7-8 miles away) and saw me through the window at my computer. Had a few more run ins with her over the years, apparently she threatened a girl I was dating, showed up at a party I was at and tried following me into the woods when I went to take a piss, and some other stuff I can’t remember.

  20. I meet this girl when I was looking for a co-modell for a weird art installation I was planning. She was absolutely stunning so naturally I lowered my bar for her. She was.. “in contact” with the other side, as she said it. Had a dead womans spirit as her guide and mentor, so much that she had taken the dead womans name as her own.

    We started planning, and drifted more and more towards spirituality, when she eventually told me that.. I was her long lost brother, and she had been searching for me for a thousand years, roaming from life to life being utterly lost. And she had finally found me. Now this sounds weird and completely insane (turned out she was, but we’ll get to that), but her passion and complete believe eventually had me questioning if she was right.

    She had a boyfriend since many years and a young son. She would tell me how her boyfriend was abusive, that she was planning on leaving him. And the more we talked, the more verbal she would get. Explain explicit details on the things he would do to her. It was horrible to listen to, so natrually I told her to contact the police.

    She proceeded to tell me that she had been raised my a cult, that she had witnessed killing of babies and a bunch of really retardes shit. Now, I am a very naive and believing man, and this was a few years back, so I really didn’t question it. I just wanted to help, so I spent hours each day just talking to her, motivating and trying to help her.

    And one day, a unknown caller contacted me. Turned out it was her boyfriend. He called from a car and explained that she had beaten him into oblivion, stolen 30 000 sek ($3000 ish) and left him and their son alone. And just vanished. He explained that he knew about me that he didn’t harbour any ill feelings towards me but was worried about her mentall well being, and that him and the police was looking for her. I was honest with him, told him that I had no idea where she went but that I’d call the police if I found out, since she abandoned her young son.

    So, a few hours later she called me. She had traveled across the country to meet me, and that she finally knew how we was suppsed tonbe together forever. She had found a desolate lighthouse where we would go together, and live out our lives. Well, she wanted us to commit suicide together. So, I called the police, told them what had happend and they responded immediately by going to a place where I had told her to wait.

    Later that evening she called me, screaming hysterically that “she knew Inhad betrayed her but that she always will forgive me!” And that was the last (luckily) I ever heard from her. A few days later the boyfriend called, he was in the same room as the police and asked me to file a charge against her so her son can live with hom alone. And, they told me that when they picked her up, when she was going to pick me up for the journey to the lighthouse, she was wearing a wedding dress.

    This still makes me shake, and I have not processed this at all. I didn’t tell my family or friends, because it’s so unbelievable. But it’s true and it has really made a impact on my life. Used to be a lot more naive, and she changed me, not necessarily for the better.

    Anyway, thanks for reading.

  21. Matched with a girl on Okcupid. I didn’t really find her all that attractive, but she seemed nice and reached out first, so I wanted to give her a shot.

    Things seemed okay for the first day or two. It felt like things were moving a bit quickly but I wasn’t paying much mind to it. Third or 4th day of texting she offered to speak over the phone to hear what we sounded like. I accepted. After the initial phone call she kept saying how much she absolutely loved my voice and loved hearing me. She would then ask to call me every night, and then eventually multiple times a day. I eventually had to tell her that we can’t keep doing these phone calls, because they kept getting in the way of doing other things that I like to enjoy in my free time. After about a week she got “flirty” with me in the strangest ways, she would often try to be “flirty” (which was either just straight up pervy comments or more insinuating that she wanted to hold my hand/kiss me/have sex with me) which came off kind of weird, and then would try to break the weirdness by saying “sorry, I was trying to flirt with you”. A few days later she told me she was constantly wanting to kiss me and do more than that with me. I cautiously played along, I felt like things were going too fast but didn’t really know how to properly bring it up. Eventually we agreed to meet at a mall nearby. We met, and it was…really uncomfortable. Before we met she admitted to me that she really wanted to hold hands and kiss during this meetup. I didn’t really give her an exact answer on if I wanted to or not. We got to the mall, walked over to the food court and got lunch, sat down, and during the entire time she just had this…awkward stare at me. She had smiled a tiny bit sometimes, but she had this super uncomfortable stare pretty much the whole time. Most of the time, her stare didnt change despite what we talked about in conversation. It’s honestly kind of hard to explain though. The whole thing just made me feel super uncomfortable, and I think she knew it too, so we ended up just getting lunch and then leaving. After that, we texted for another day and then stopped talking.

    I felt bad because she was nice and she went through some rough times, but man that was honestly the most uncomfortable date ever.

  22. Girl in high school used to be obsessed with one of my best friends. I think some of it may have been a joke since we all kind of joked about it with her. She would lean on him, tell him how she loved him and try to make him uncomfortable. We all thought it was funny and half jokingly told him to just bite back and see how she reacted. Figured she’d either back off or let him hit it and get his V-card pinched before any of us. No bad endings, right? But he didn’t make any decision and she escalated quite a bit. One day she was goofing on him at the breakfast table asking him if he was hard. He said no, but she apparently was more interested in finding out first hand by reaching into his pants and grabbing his dick. The whole table, about 7 or 8 of us, just went silent as he slid back and got away from her. He was quick to rebuke her and we didn’t really find it amusing anymore. She tried it twice with me in the halls but I just took a step back, put my finger in her face and said, “your powers won’t work on me, witch!” I had been in a pretty great relationship at the time and had no interest in her.

  23. Then gf inseminated herself, told me 3 months later, and is blackmailing me right now. Can’t really do much as she listens to no one. Drives me insane. I have to add that I kept her around for too long too, should have broken it off. However, all I can do right now is keep breathing and going on with my life and hope for the best.

  24. Chilling in the gym after I finish deadlifting so I was tired af. This girl comes up to me and says you would make a beautiful woman… (I’m lifting 405 and going beast mode)

    Next week I see her in public at a restaurant and she sits next to me talking about how she slept with x amount of dudes and they all suck. Then asks if I want to ‘chill’ with her. After talking about how she has syphilis.

    So we hang out after… no I’m just joking. Turns out she was 4 months pregnant with someone’s kid who 3-4 guys wasn’t sure who the real father was.

  25. I used to work at a pet store which is basically a gold mine for socially awkward and downright creepy women.

    Two notable examples were the time a woman in her late 40s (I was early 20s at the time) showed me, using her arms by grabbing me from behind, how tight she wanted her dogs harness. Which was pretty tame in comparison to a woman in her late 30s, maybe early 40s, who kept telling me how cute I was, told me her life story and how her husband left her and her daughter (who was with her at the time), and how lonely she’d been, right before laying her head on my shoulder and putting her arm around my waist. The one and only time I simply walked away from a customer. I felt bad for her, and really felt bad for her daughter, but damn. Creeping on dudes half your age at the pet store ain’t it, lady.

  26. Was driving through Delaware, looked over at this car next to me driving the exact speed. An older lady was licking her lips excessively staring at me. I pulled my phone out and snapped a video then we ended at a stop sign, I kept egging it on so she threw on her hazards and pulled over to get me to come meet her. Of course I kept driving. Little did I know she followed me all the way to Philadelphia.

  27. Former Tinder/Bumble hook up told me she loved me and said “that was the best sex of my life.” She continues to drive by my house once every few weeks and it’s usually while I’m outside. Pretty creepy hopefully get to move soon.

  28. When I was younger, a girl I was friendly with tried to get rid of my then girlfriend and slip straight into her place like some sort of bodysnatcher. She dressed the same, tried to act the same, and was friendly with my girlfriend which made it all the more confusing.

  29. Working at a hotel in my early 20s where our uniforms were washed and hung up before our next shift. Every few days I’d find notes in my pockets. “You’re so handsome” or “Have a beautiful day.”

    A few weeks go by and there’s a phone number. Single me weighs the pros and cons and the lust won out. I called and no answer to get a text that I had the wrong number. This weirdo who claimed to be a man started to ask me about who I liked and if I had ever been in love.

    Finally, I demanded to know who it was or I’d block them. 10 minutes later the phone rings. A crackly voice tells me her name and that she’s loved me for a few years. It was a mid-50’s creepy-ass Asian woman who explained to me that in a past life she was my teacher and I was her student and that we were secret lovers.

    My next call was to HR.

  30. Met a girl online and met up for our date. When she got there I noticed that she had some JACKED up teeth, which I am particularly weird about, so I knew it wasn’t going to go any farther. Decided to go through with the dinner because fuck it, I don’t have anything better to do.

    We have a decent time, she is a school teacher. But she also told me that she told her students that she was going out on a “hot date” that night. We leave the restaurant and she goes in for a kiss, which I stop. She breaks into tears right there outside the restaurant and through her sobs I hear her say “But what am I going to tell my kids!”

  31. I was working as a cashier at the time in a thrift store when I was 21. A woman in her mid 50’s comes up and starts chatting with me as I’m ringing her up. She then says “Mmm I’m old enough to be your mother” (wink) and then leaves me her number.

  32. I was in the military working at a shipyard off base and a girl who I matched with on tinder had me added on Snapchat. We never met and planned on officially meeting the upcoming weekend. I’m at work and get a phone call from her saying “they won’t let me in, I’m outside” confused as shit I asked what she meant and she said she was at the entrance of the yards and the guards weren’t letting her in. I leave the barge (floating living area) and go to the gate see this super fat girl screaming at the guards and saying “that’s him” while pointing at me. The guard asked me if I knew her and after seeing the disturbing catfish lying before me a said “I AINT never seen this woman in my entire life!!!” 5 minutes later she calls and asks why I said I didn’t know her and I told her that she looked absolutely nothing like her pictures and asked her how tf did she know where I worked because I was at an off base location and never told her I worked there. Her response? “I used your gps location on Snapchat and drove to your bitmoji” yeeeeeaaaaah that was fucking creepy as shit

  33. Random girl I met on a chat site a while back kept on talking about how young I was and was pestering me about my sexual experiences. I was 17 and she was almost 30. It’s hard to recall the whole experience but I recall her saying something about how she used to date a guy my age and people thought that it was her son.

    Even for a horny teenager I was weirded out.

  34. I broke up with her. Too many issues.

    And she went out on a date. Got drunk. Told her date to drive her home.

    “home”, as it turned out, wasn’t home to her place, but to mine.

    I opened up, wondering wtf … and she nearly ran me over to get in. And passed out on the floor. At least I thought so.

    Worried me would wake her up. And then she would be so happy to see me. Oh, what a hug while I’d lift her up.

    And I’d tell her that she needs to get herself home, I’m gonna drive her.

    Hearing that, she “passed out” again.

  35. This will get buried in new, but here it goes…

    Had a first date with someone from PoF, and it went reasonably well. O though we clicked a little, and was thinking of a second date. She asked if she could come back to my place, and I declined. Not that type of guy.

    Anyway, I left the parking lot, and she left shortly after. I woke up at about 3am with this chick staring into my bedroom window IN THE RAIN. Fucking scared the shit out of me. Turns out, she followed me home and was hoping that it would be cute or something.

    If I can give any piece of advice to someone out there, never follow your date home. Never stand outside their window silently, especially not in the rain, like a drowned, deranged rat. Scared the absolute fuck out of me.

  36. Had a girl I was talking with through a dating app call me 7 times in the span of two minutes( she left voicemails in the first and last). The only creepy thing is that I never gave her my phone number instead she spam called a mutual friend of ours(small town) for him to give her my number.

  37. In high school a girl made a wooden heart and carved our initials in it. She was from another country and had very bad English and I had not engaged with her at all. I chalked it up to cultural differences, so it wasn’t as creepy as if a US girl did it.

  38. Let’s just say I met someone so crazy once that she might recognize who I am through this post and come for me so I won’t say much.

    She carries a kitchen knife in her bag and has even declared someone I know that they would die soon (this “someone” isn’t related to me btw) because of some silly thing they said about her.

  39. Got into a small non argument more like silly debate with a girl on the 2nd or 3rd date. She couldn’t comprehend why I didn’t hit her.. Because I’m not abusive???

  40. Can I play this game even though I’m a woman?

    A young woman at a bar once started talking to me and my date and said I have beautiful eyes. I was happy because I thought it would impress my date. Then she said, “I wish I could scoop them out with a spoon and take them with me.”

  41. Was working security at a club and this obvious thot was flirting with me. Figured why not, so invited her over the next day. She showed up at 1am with her 2 year old son in tow. I’m looking for snacks for her kid, trying to entertain him, and after changing his diaper on my bed she starts unzipping my fly in front of him. Thanks but no thanks, here are some snacks for your ride home. Goodbye.

  42. When I was in Highschool, an older girl invited me over to her apartment to watch movies with her friends. There were no friends. There were no movies. I got the “I likes ya, and I wants ya” speech.

    NGL; I got my dick sucked. But she got creepier and creepier the longer I was there. I made a bullshit story about an appointment and got the hell outta there as fast as I could.

  43. I was visiting a friend who lived on dorm while they were having a party. Wasn’t a huge party or anything and I fell asleep on a couch. Woke up to a girl snuggling up on me and taking selfies with me. Never met her before and I didn’t see her again after that.

  44. I had one lady ask when she was moving in. This was o the first date and I thought it was a joke until she demanded copies of my house keys so she could start moving in.

    I took her home after diner and explained that was our first ad last date.

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