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What is your approach towards relationships in terms of what you want to offer and what you want from your partner?

What is your approach towards relationships in terms of what you want to offer and what you want from your partner?

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  1. Just want to be happy with someone, have someone nice to talk to before and after each day. Do nice things for her and maybe get some nice things back to, just a nice back and forth with mutual appreciation and respect.

  2. After 16 years of marriage, someone told me that wives want to be shown love and husbands want to be shown respect. At first I thought this was bullshit and reductive. As time has gone on I’ve been paying attention to the things we each get upset about. Oddly enough, the root cause of anger is a perception that one of these things is lacking. Sure there are more detailed reasons it got worked up, but the sponsoring cause of the emotional reaction is either me not showing love or her not showing respect. It sounds horribly patriarchal and binary, I know, but it really does seem to apply.

    Beyond that, we have a shared idea of what we want from each other, honesty, transparency, integrity, faithfulness and communication. The rest takes care of itself.

  3. I learned that while your partner may be successful or have a bunch of degrees but it doesn’t matter if they don’t use it or they are a total bitch. I would rather have someone who is compassionate, caring, and warm over some who’s smart but cold.

  4. I don’t think enough about this stuff to have a ready answer.

    I guess what I offer most people I’m close to is emotional support. Listening is probably what I’m best at relationship wise. I’ve been told I give good advice too, on occasion.

    Besides that I’m big on physical affection but I know not everyone is that touchy feely.

    What I want is basically just the same. Companionship, someone that listens or better yet, asks because I’m not a big talker esp. about myself, and is supportive. I love physical affection. And also want a… vigorous sex life??

  5. What do I want from a relationship?

    Well, she should probably get back into her truck, turn around and then keep driving. She’s going to see a lot of things she has seen before, but before too much distance is covered she’s going to be very far away from me.

    That’s pretty much it.

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