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What is the worse/craziest thing an ex did?

What is the worse/craziest thing an ex did?

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  1. When she finally left the house and I came back from work, the place looked like a bunch of pipe-hitting individuals just performed a burglary. Everything of the walls, on the ground, furniture tilted but the worst was the dogs. Chained up on very short chains, no water within reachable distance.
    I just called our cops (Guardia Civil, because i live in Spain) they were there within minutes, even they were surprised.
    They called her and found out she was about to leave the Country….she serves a 8 year sentence

  2. Tried (*very* unsuccessfully, I might add) to catfish me ***while we were still together.*** Then when I caught her she tried to play it off as ‘that was just a test and you failed. You were supposed to tell me if some strange chick started flirting with you.’ Fuckin hot mess.

  3. Told my dad I’d been abducted and we needed ransom.

    He sent her $10,000.

    I found out and intercepted it before she could get the money. Pressed charges and nothing came of it.

  4. She was very into the supernatural and enjoyed stories of hauntings and ghost hunting, so I got her a ghost hunting kit. It had a tape recorder with a nice microphone, EMF reader, the works.

    Turns out she was stashing the recorder in my car to listen in on my phone conversations.

  5. Fucked about with my visitation with our child. It got progressively worse ending in zero contact.

    Yeah it’s tough. I did take legal advice and was advised that it was ultimately a waste of money.

  6. Stalked me.

    She dumped me for a 6ft tall business owner. Fine, I understand why.

    But she demanded I be her friend too. When I said I was busy studying and with work etc. she would show up at the car dealership I worked at. I was not on the sales floor but she asked if I was there and then left. Normally customers didn’t ask for me so everyone knew something was up. Then I saw her drive around my apartment’s parking lot, she stopped at each car she thought was mine and looked at it. Driving a white Ford Fusion makes things difficult.

  7. Tried to get me to leave my wife of 5 years by telling me that the BLM rioters were busting up her apartment and burning cars in the parking lot thinking I’d come play Captain Save-a-Hoe.

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