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What is the rudest thing you have ever seen someone do?

What is the rudest thing you have ever seen someone do?

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  1. Not me, a friend of mine.

    He was in bed with the woman he was deeply in love with, he’d had surgery and she was looking after him. The two were laying in bed kissing, getting ready to go to sleep, she told him she loved him. She got a text message, sat up, got out of bed and went to the bathroom. When she returned she was wearing a towel. She started getting dressed to go out, putting her make-up on, applying perfume, etc. He sat there wondering what the fuck was happening. He asked her what she was doing, she told him that she got a message from a man she had history with and that she had to leave. Before leaving she told him she’d be back in two hours and he should stay there.
    She returned at 10am the following day.

    That woman is the most heartless, callow person I’ve ever met. She even had the nerve to spread lies about him to their mutual friends to turn them against him. Lucky for him, that didn’t work.

  2. Happened just this year.

    My 12-year-old students. A few weeks after one of their classmate’s father killed the mother before committing suicide, they decided to joke about killing/murdering.

    That was just messed up.

  3. In Sunday School at a very small church I walked in the bathroom to see two boys watching another boy shit in the uranus. We were all about 11years old, they thought it was hilarious. We didn’t have janitors, church members kept the place clean. I immediately told on them. I’ve witnessed things that could be considered more rude but they were also blatantly criminal.

  4. Some stupid girl in a highschool class flirtatiously asked to copy my homework. I let her. When she was done, she handed it back to me and sneered “Thanks, loser”. Needless to say, nobody ever copied my work again.

  5. I(briefly) dated a girl who would have outbursts of extreme anger.


    One time I witnessed her walk into a Chick Fil A from the drive thru and throw her order at the cashiers head and cause a scene because they forgot one of her sandwhiches and sauces with her order. In her words “If you working at Chick Fil A you deserve it”. Her dad was loaded and spending a ton of money to send her to a State Uni.


    Stayed with her despite the crazy because the sex was fire. Never again though.

  6. According to the ~~bitch~~ saint sat at table 4, I’m not allowed to sweep the dining area at all while she’s eating. The fucking nerve I have to do my job. I’m basically Hitler.

  7. Pre covid

    Lady ordered coffee at Tim Hortons ( Canadian coffee staple ). The coffee was made incorrectly, at least that’s what the customer started yelling about. She fired the coffee over the counter hitting the likely highschool aged worker square in the chest. Coffee went everywhere. That same lady then had the balls to spit right in the poor kids face.

    She was arrested as there happened to be a cop in the parking lot at the time and a bunch of us kept the lady there while another person went and got the officer.

  8. Recently a tractor-trailer didnt like that i was using the full length of the merge lane to merge into stop and go traffic so he swerved into my lane and tried to put me into the guard rail. I locked my brakes and screeched to a halt but he still broke my side mirror. Then he drove off so i had to chase him for 3 miles (about a 5 min drive in the heavy traffic we were in). Then when he finally pulled over he lied to the state trooper who ***I*** called while ***I*** was chasing him. So yeah…. it’s pretty damn rude to try and murder me for no fucking reason, i’d say.

    And since i know someone is going to ask: cop was pissed that i even called him, wrote *me* a warning for unsafe lane change, and when i calmly and politely reminded him i never changed lanes and stayed in the merge lane when i was hit he threatened to upgrade my warning to a citation + fine for “trying to argue with him.” I guess that was pretty rude, too, but cops are paid to be a-holes so it’s basically his job. Cant fault someone for doing their job. The trucker though…. he was being rude for free. Now i gotta pay for the repairs out of pocket since my 500 deductible is more than it would cost to fix (insurance is a scam etc. etc.).

    RIP 16 years of accident-free driving.

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