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What is the most important men’s issue out there?

What is the most important men’s issue out there?

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  1. Here’s a depressing fact that disproportionately affects men: in prison, rape is considered a disciplinary matter to be handled by the warden. Your rapist will never be charged with the crime, never be on a list of sexual predators, you’ll never get your day in court. They’ll get commissary restrictions, maybe some time in solitary, but the crime never goes through the criminal justice system.

    The fact that this is allowed should be considered cruel and unusual punishment, as it clearly has lasting psychological damage and inhibits a person’s ability to rehabilitate. But prison in the US isn’t *actually* about rehabilitation.

  2. The lack of decent role models in this day and age. Between the high rate of single-parent households and the narrative being pushed through the entertainment industry, good men are harder to find than ever.

  3. Mental health and access to care. Hands down. Men suffer from untreated mental illness and kill themselves at a much higher rate than women largely due to the negative societal perceptions of men seeking help for their mental health issues. There is a legitimate health crisis in regards to this and it’s not being appropriately addressed.

  4. Society’s perception and expectations of what a man should be. This is the single underlying factor that spurs a bunch of other issues like mental illness and suicide.

  5. Lack of men in primary education. I was a teacher a few years back and got on well with all the kids but was making good progress with some of the boys before I had to leave due to a breakdown. The parents, especially the dads, also liked that their child had a man as a teacher. They thought it was good that their son or daughter got to spend more time with a man and gave them a different sort of teaching environment.

  6. Objectification. Men are tools of society and a utility to women first and foremost.

    If our society really cares about equality, equity, and fixing our social and economic issues, we can’t have half the population unaware of how to manage treating someone as if their life has intrinsic worth when they so seldom see what it looks like. Many men *just don’t have a mental model for what’s being asked of them socially and interpersonally* and it’s tragic to see. They don’t know how much better things could be, only the potential for blame and shame because that’s what they are fed most.

  7. Education might not be at the top of the list but it’s up there. Many university disciplines are dominated by women. In the few fields dominated by men, there is often talk about getting more women involved but there is often little to no talk about getting more men involved in fields dominated by women. In my personal opinion, this is one of the greatest hypocrisies of feminism: anything male dominated is viewed as negative while anything female dominated is viewed as a triumph.

    When I was a university student, I studied a discipline very much dominated by women. I often felt that the department was against me so I pushed myself to the maximum to get good grades. By the time I was graduated, I finished at the very top of the program by a significant margin (much to their chagrin). They grudgingly offered an apology but I had some fairly ugly accusations against them. And I was not quiet about it.

  8. I would like to highlight two things and they are very much related:

    1. The social pressures of not allowing men to show or even have emotions and reducing masculinity to physicality and violence.

    2. Underappreciation of fatherhood.

    A lot of boys grow up without a positive role model while searching for their identity. It does not even occur to them to be a good person, partner, maybe father (I’m not saying it is mandatory but it is a potentially very fulfilling role). Instead, they pursue being The Man.

    To be The Man you have to be physically strong of course but more importantly: be confident no matter what, have manly hobbies, never be emotional (and go forbid, you cannot cry), never fail or lack knowledge (and when you do, don’t admit it) and be a womanizer.

    So, you either accept this role and succeed in it but create a broken and damaged environment around yourself, or, you cannot force yourself to be like that but end up depressed instead.

    Of course, apart from social pressures, a very large impact is made by fathers who are either not around at all or are totally unavailable emotionally.

  9. the duluth model. it literally denies men equal protection under the law.

    “i can’t call the police, they will arrest me for being beaten” is not something that should be even vaguely true *ever*

  10. Can’t choose one, so a quick list of some:

    – circumcision. i know studies go both ways, the reality is that circumcision almost certainly significantly reduces sexual pleasure. most of the erogenous tissue is removed- the frenulum, the ridged band, and most of the inner mucosa

    – conscription: many countries still actively force men into the military

    – male victims of domestic violence are often discriminated against, ignored, or even arrested as victims

    – pension ages: in many countries, men have higher state pension ages before they can retire, despite dying younger. this often results in men having only [half the time in retirement](

    – the education gap: boys are significantly behind in education. boys get [lower grades for the same work](, and are significantly less likely to go to college. as a result:

    – men are [significantly behind economically]( men are more likely to be unemployed and only [half as likely to buy a home]( its so bad, marriage rates are declining because men are [so far economically behind women](

    There’s a lot more, but those are some of on the top of my head.

  11. The fact that not many seem to care about or admit the existance of men’s issues might be the biggest issue.

    I wonder why it is so hard for some of those self-described feminists in the media to understand that both men and women suffer inequalities? If we are seriously going to ban women in adverts if they look “too sexy” and therefore offend women with low self-esteem, can’t we at least discuss the fact that more men than women decide to kill themselves?

  12. Porn’s affect on the brain and how this generation’s sex Ed comes from

    Edit: I say this because of the amount of men affected. Obviously there are widely varying degrees of effect. More of the severe issues that come to mind are depression, anxiety, insecurities, and ED.

  13. “Deaths of despair”, it’s been estimated 150,000 working class men in the US drink, eat or abuse drugs until it kills them each year because they can’t see a future for themselves. It’s essentially a societal realization that the game has been rigged from the start by the wealthy.

    Men are giving up on life and no one cares with the exception of effectless virtue signalers.

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