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What is the easiest way to get rid of ass-crack/hole hair?

Removing hair down there is such a big project and very time consuming by shaving. Are there any hair removal creams that are effective and also won’t burn? I afraid of setting my ass on 🔥 if I use it. Does anyone have experience?

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  1. As far as I’m aware, you have three options other than shaving.

    * Laser hair removal, which is kind of expensive, quite painful and I’ve heard people say that sometimes the hair comes back anyway, even after several sessions.
    * Waxing, which is the less permanent, painful, but cheaper alternative to laser.
    * Or using Nair. Which can be painful, especially if you’re a dingus.

    Now, I know a lot of guys are traumatized with Nair because they fried their penis, but honestly, that’s their fault.

    First, there are different versions of the product, including some for sensitive skin. Buy it and apply ***a bit*** to the area, see how your body reacts. Don’t plaster your ass in chemical acid if you’re not sure how it’s gonna go. Sounds like common sense to me.

    Also, I forgot the precise instructions, but whatever it is, follow it to the letter. If it says remove after 15 minutes, you set a fucking timer and remove that after *exactly* 15 minutes.

  2. I use electric clippers. The small size used for beards and manscaping. Granted, you’re still leaving a little stubble, but it’s soft and not bothersome. Added bonus that if you get a high quality pair they’ll rarely nick you.

  3. Put a hand mirror on the ground and squat over it carefully holding your razor in one hand and your dignity in the other.

    But in all seriousness, I have a hairy ass, I’m not going to shave it down completely, i just trim it with an electric trimmer.

  4. I just don’t shave down there except for a very basic trim lol, man the energy and time people put into some shit just baffles me, though i did it as well in my early 20’s

  5. I’ve never had an issue with soap and a plain razor. Never had it grow back itchy or with ingrown hairs, never nicked myself, etc and it’s no more time consuming than shaving anything else 🤷🏻‍♀️

    I wouldn’t trust nair in that area, so waxing is probably the next best thing. Try an at-home waxing kit

  6. I don’t shave anything below neck. I’m a guy into guys. However, wondering if the straight guys shave it down there for their own comfort or because of potential sexual activity (getting rimmed or otherwise) down there. I’d like to hear about it.

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