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What is the douchiest thing about you?

What is the douchiest thing about you?

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  1. I tend to do the Irish goodbye (leaving without saying anything) when I leave a party or group gathering of whatever type. Sometimes at work I leave without saying anything too lol. Idk why, I just prefer leaving that way.

  2. I find it really difficult to focus on things I don’t care about, so it makes me look like an asshole when I turn down simple things like going to the pub, or going out with friends, but it literally feels like the biggest waste of time if I’m not passionate about it.

  3. Sometime I just don’t care about whatever you have going on like sometimes when I ask like “how are you?” Or “what have you been up to” I actually don’t give a fuck I’m just making conversation.

  4. I’m extremely literal about verbal communication and will interpret an argument based the exactness of the wording used to express it.

    I think being able to express exactness verbally is important. People make statements that can have multiple interpretations and expect you to implicitly understand their interpretation of the vague statements they make.

    So I find myself correcting people when they express themselves ambiguously.

  5. I can get in a mood where absolutely nothing matters to me. Scorched earth, burned bridges, hurt feelings and mean things said kind of mood.
    Very rarley anymore but when it happens I always shoot myself in the proverbial foot.

  6. Douchiest?
    I’m anxious and socially awkward and barely go out unless necessary or accompanying someone.

    I’m in good shape and like to wear my cap backwards when I do leave the house and don’t really initiate conversations with people unless I’m interested in talking about something or have a good amount of alcohol in my system (which is almost never because I hate hangovers).

    So I just look like a “Chad” that thinks he’s too good to talk to anyone from the outside.

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