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What is the best way to fix a sleep schedule to be able to go to bed much earlier than 5-7am?

What is the best way to fix a sleep schedule to be able to go to bed much earlier than 5-7am?

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  1. First step, Set up your bedroom properly, taking out electronics and other distractions, make sure it’s actually dark in there, the works.
    Then resetting your bioclock. Find the nearest day you can spend being tired. Hopefully a couple. Set the alarm clock to 7am, and get up. No matter what. I like keeping drinking water next to my bed so before hitting the snooze button I take a drink, usually wakes me up. Stay awake throughout the day untill at least 8pm.
    There are some good habits you can learn, mainly taking half an hour or an hour before bed to journal, do breathing exercises or something similar to show your body it’s time to relax.

  2. You just have to brute force it. Wake up at 9am regardless of when you went to sleep. Next day, fall asleep and wake up at 9am again. Your body is going to tell you no, but once you get past the first few days, it’s much easier. The habit won’t fix itself, you need to force yourself out of bed in the morning.

  3. I work a night shift and get off work at 7 am. On my first day off I usually stay up the whole day, until 5 pm or later. I find this to be more reliable (for me) than trying to inch sleep back hour by hour.
    I will say it’s not fool proof. If my willpower fails I can get stuck in a lousy four hour sleep pattern. Staying busy and smart caffeinating is essential.

  4. If it’s not a pressing issue then slowly moving your bed time up every night is a great solution. But if you need a quick fix then I would recommend just staying up for an extended period of time until you hit the point where you want to normally go to sleep. That period of 36 hours is hell but I think it’s worth it. Make sure to drink caffeinated drinks if you start to feel drowsy. During the last 12 hours don’t go anywhere near your bed or a surface where you can lay down because you are going to be very tempted. I would recommend trying to get out of the house and outside during that time and do something active like a walk. When you finally get to that time you want to start going to bed you’ll sleep great and be back on schedule. The last thing I will say is make sure not to oversleep too much that first night and mess up your schedule again.

  5. As someone who is dealing with this, i need help too with going to bed earlier. What we need to do is, set a timer, be busy the entire day, and limit social media and internet usage after a certain hour, set a time to wake up. The major culprits are your phone, laptop, desktop, tablet. Trust me we got this! I actually went to sleep around 3:30 for the first time ever yesterday and it was good. Waking up early feels so amazing and you get so much done. Waking up after 1pm makes me feel like a bum. Im currently out of work and it’s easy to develop these habits.

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