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What is the best thing you did to help your mental health?

What is the best thing you did to help your mental health?

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  1. Divorce from social media and toxic people. Engage in self care. Watch movies and laugh by myself. Stop drinking by myself. Look in the mirror and reassure myself that I am great, even if flawed. In fact, I created a whole person from a broken one.

  2. I ate 5grams of mushrooms and my woman watched me the whole time I just bumped gangster rap, had the best sex of my life. Played some tribes of midguard. Than I looked at the clouds until they became too powerful. After that I watched some drooping pine trees. Ate the other two grams and had an awful trip while sitting on the toilet and I swear I shit out the sad fucking awful depressed injured me and discovered balance. It’s been like four months man and life’s never been better. First time actually touching something stronger than cannabis concentrates or alcohol.

  3. Smoke weed and meditate, focus on my emotions, why I feel the way I do

    I was also missing a deeper understanding of home family and love.. I thought I knew enough about all that stuff. Turned out I didn’t know anything

  4. Learned discipline, acceptance, and studied classic literature. The Republic, The Oddysey, The Art of War, the Tao Te Ching, The Mahabharata, The Prince…. fortified my mind. Stopped caring so much what others think of me.

  5. Started focusing more on myself and my needs. Talking to a therapist and opening up more to my friends family and my current partner has made a world of difference. I realize the mistakes and lies of my past, how I was repeating them and the pain it was causing myself and the ones I cared about.

  6. Stopped filtering myself for others and started being true to me

    Also stopped pinching pennies so much it decreased my quality of life but was still being smart financially

  7. Cut off anyone engaging in identity politics. Being constantly blamed for things I had no part in are at me pretty bad because I tend to have a fixer personality. Realized that most of those people don’t actually want anything other than social superiority and a way to pass blame.

  8. Better diet & started exercising. Literally brought me out of a year & a half long depression I didn’t recognize for what it was. Just thought life must get joyless at a certain age/point.

    It wasn’t until weeks after coming out of it I read someone’s description of their struggle with depression and realized that’s what I’d been experiencing.

    Not everyone is fortunate to have a lifestyle change be enough. No shame in therapy and medication if that’s what’s needed.

  9. little hard when so many thing can go wrong for me and things work aginst me it almost fell.

    but some things me have do who help my mental health is to get rid of some kind of toxic freinds, freinds who use me to get away from scholl or work or use me to get free food and maybe are with me but when them have chans talk bad of me.

    so i have almost droped all my freinds for yea them was not to great for me so now days i have mutch more time over for computer or fix in home or do things in my life when i dont need to spend many hours every week with bad freinds.

  10. All of the answers stated above. But the big one was started writing in a journal. Write anything you can, anything that comes to your mind at that exact second, just write. It became a very effective alternative to therapy.

    Really helped me become organized, clarity in mind and decision making. Keeping a schedule, daily routine in there also helped become more control.

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