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What is the best pick up line a woman ever used on you?

What is the best pick up line a woman ever used on you?

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  1. At a club dancing, she grabs my hand and says in my ear “please take me somewhere you can fuck me.”

    I guess it was a good line because it worked.

  2. “I’m mentally unstable, I have an immense amount of debt, I have a jealous criminal ex boyfriend/stalker, I’m unemployed, have no car, live with my parents, I lie, cheat and steal, the only thing I’ll ever hate more than myself is you and if it doesn’t work out I’m going to fuck up your car, fuck your friends and poison your dog.”

    Full send 🤤 that’s marriage material right there.

  3. We had been dancing and talking at the club, and it was about to close and I figured she’d go back with her friends. She then asked me if I wanted to come back to her place and I said “You should be careful, what if I’m a serial killer”. She then grabbed my shirt, pulled me in, gave me a hickey, kissed me on the lips, and then whispered into my ear “What are the chances we’d both be serial killers?”.

    My dick was so hard I could of cut diamonds in half.

  4. A house party when I was 16.

    Girl I’ve never met before, says “Hi my names Sharon, but my friends call me Shags”.

    Takes me by the hand and takes me upstairs, within minutes she’s on top riding me.

    This is how I lost my virginity.

    A short time later she’s in the same bedroom having sex with my mate.

    I never saw her again.

    True story.

  5. “hey it’s a lil crazy at my house rn, anyway i could chill at your apt just for a little?” yea she stayed for more than a little, then we banged the next day

  6. I’m female. I sat on his lap and hollered, “It’s my favorite bald guy!”

    It didn’t particularly endear me to him, but we celebrate 20 years this summer.

  7. She was a server at a bar and I was with a group of friends out for a birthday celebration. When she brought my bill at the end of the night she had written a personal note that simply said:

    “Let’s fuck.”

  8. 4 years before finding Dori came out this chick told me about it, we didn’t talk for 4 years and then randomly she hit me up with the stupid sea cucumber joke and asked me if I wanted to go see it.

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