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What is something your partner, or a friend does that annoys you, but not enough to say anything?

What is something your partner, or a friend does that annoys you, but not enough to say anything?

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  1. Calls me wanting a favor by saying “hey what are you doing next Saturday?” Me, all excited , “nothing!” … “ok can you take me to the airport at 5am?”.

    As Sansa says “I’m a slow learner. It’s true. But I learn.”

    Now the answer to “Hey what are you doing Saturday?” is… “Why? Whats up?”

  2. Former partner.

    She instagrammed *everything* and had to stage the situation to seem different than it was to get the photo she wanted.

    Not why we broke up, but certainly made it easier.

  3. I have a friend that periodically asks “are you alright man?” When he doesn’t know what to say. For example a group of us will be drinking and hanging out and he randomly will ask me “are you alright man?” Like yeah bro, I’m chillin. He’s a nice guy but kind of socially awkward.

  4. Girlfriend is bad at telling work stories. Like she’s giving the whole back story of every co worker involved in the anecdote, because she wants me to remember her co workers, while the summary of the anecdote is “people don’t use e-mail etiquette.”

    I get it. It annoys me too. But I don’t need to be reminded about Ellen the bad emailer’s sick dog because I already know the Ellen you’re talking about.
    (I just go “uh huh” and “that sucks sweetie”)

  5. Girlfriend says ‘cheese and rice’ like it’s an actual expression. Like how you’d say ‘Jesus Christ’ as a sort of exclamation. And it’s actually mildly infuriating. Also she’ll say ‘bless you’ when someone burps. As if to seem quirky or something. I hate it.

  6. My bf will take forever grocery shopping. He just genuinely loves to do it. He will walk up and down every aisle and browse through everything. He will put a snack in the cart, decide 20 minutes later he doesn’t want it, walk all the way back to out it up, and take easily another 10-15 minutes to decide on a new snack. And then he wants a drink. I like grocery shopping because it’s easy to do. Make a list, gather the items in an efficient way, check out. Boom done. This man on the other hand will wait for my hair to turn gray. I love him. I just get so annoyed haha

  7. Talks about herself incessantly

    Knowing her personality for 20 years, there’s no conversation I can have that’ll get her to change, but as it’s gotten worse over the years, she’s been downgraded from close friend to regular friend.

  8. Takes *literally* 5h-3 days to answer a simple question in a text. I get people are busy but come on anything over 8h and you’re either avoiding me, don’t care enough to respond or should be checked for dementia. One of my closest friends does this ALL. THE. TIME

  9. Wife under cooks spaghetti noodles. It’s the weirdest thing, she is an amazing cook. She can cook like a 90 year old italian woman. Or Mexican or Asian, literally any kind of food is top tier restaurant quality shit. But for some fucking reason she always undercooks her spaghetti noodles. All other noodles, perfectly cooked. Lol it really is the strangest thing

  10. This dude has no problem finding a girlfriend but always would f@ck it up by becoming a clingy, lazy ass moron. So when he enters a relationship he is virtually gone for about 2-3 months after that he will stop by occasionally and another 3 months later he will move in with the girl, she will break up with him and he becomes a whiny dork.
    Fast forward another 3 months and he stopped whining about her leaving and becomes horny like mad, find a shy but lovely girl, get together with her and start the cycle anew.

    It’s annoying but I have seen it so many times that it also became somewhat amusing. Occasionally I feel sorry for the girls though.

  11. My Ex had this thing that any time I was focused in on something she’d come and wave her hands in front of my face. I get that she was trying to be silly but it didn’t bug me any less.

  12. The only way I can describe it is, when she eats as she takes food off her fork she kinda really bares her teeth and grimaces while biting the fork.

    Maybe trying not to smudge her lipstick I dunno but it’s so unattractive once I noticed.

  13. ive known this friend for like 6 years at this point and hes a good friend.

    but theres 2 things he does wich piss me off beyong belief.

    every year around my birthday he starts pestering me about it trying to suggest who to invite and coming up with stupid shit and then complaining i said no. this year he tried to get an old classmate invited and wanted to hide a ton of smirnoff ice round the house (wich as a general rule if found must be chugged by the person who found it)

    he didnt get the 1st one and the second one ive sternly told him to limit it to an amount where its still funny.

    the other thing is about a gal ive liked for ages. he keeps pushing me to ask her out n stuff and coming up with stupid things (hey, that seems like a common thing eh) wich definitely wont work and might ruin the friendship i have with her.

    at this point i just tell him straight up that the more he tries to get me to do something the less likely i am to do it

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