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What is something you do or wear to boost your confidence?

What is something you do or wear to boost your confidence?

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  1. I used to manscape and take care of my facial hair, I used to wear my hair in specific ways because its thinning, but a few months ago I stopped grooming/trimming my hair, all of it. It sounds odd, but I feel much more confidence as a hairy beastman than I ever did as a smooth skinned human.

  2. Walk with back straight head held high, chest out, stomach sucked in, feet pointed forward, making eye contact but not enough to fully establish a staring contest. Just glance around and make eye contact.

  3. My motorcycle gear makes me feel pretty dope. Denim vest with patches and buttons over an armored jacket. Fits my form perfect. Same with the jeans, they’re tough and armored and make my ass look good. The shoes are meh but I don’t wanna break my feet. And the helmet has my name on it and I love that.

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