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What is something untrue people keep saying?

What is something untrue people keep saying?

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  1. USA: 18 is a magical deciding number where a day before you are an innocent child incapable of making major decisions, consenting to anything, or doing various other adult taks; and the day after you are a fully fleshed out adult ready to make decisions that will change the course of your entire life.

    Its almost comical at this point because most people know it isnt true, but its a lie society has agreed to keep telling.

  2. Myth: Goldfish grow to the size of the tank.

    Truth: Small tanks stunt their growth and cause premature death from organ failure. They should live 20+years and grow to 8+ inches. Anything less is premature. For crying out loud, people, please don’t put them in tiny tanks. Put them in a pond or get a smaller species.

  3. The lost cause myth.

    The American Civil War was about slavery and the daughters of the confederacy HQ burning down in the 2020 riots is one of the coolest things I’ve lived to see.

  4. ‘Good running backs can be found anywhere’

    No. They can’t. Look at the numbers. The bust rate per round statistics overwhelmingly state that’s not the case, if anything good corners and o linemen can be found anywhere. You may devalue the position for one reason or another, and maybe rightfully so. But you can’t rely on finding stud backs later on. If you want your team to have a good starting running back, they virtually have to be drafted early. And don’t bother @ing me with outliers, they exist at every position

  5. Anyone who’s ever said money can’t buy you happiness.

    They have never paid the adoption fee for a rescued animal. That is directly money buying you happiness.

  6. Calories in calories out for weight loss. This only works for roughly 50% of the population and the types of calories you consume matter too. People forget that not all bodies are the same and that some people require cardio to jump start fat burning. Don’t take my word for it though, ask your doctor.

    Edit: Downvote away, you’re proving my point 😉 Here’s an article that explains some of the nuances the calories in calories out camp ignores:

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