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What is something that is worth fighting for?

What is something that is worth fighting for?

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  1. You gotta find what keeps you going, and fight for that shit. It could be a thing, a place, a person, a job, a principle …

    Everyone fights his own battles and everyone battles for whatever works for him/her.

  2. Fighting with like a gun, like a soldier?

    Or like “putting in some effort”.

    Because the answer for the first is almost nothing and for the second is almost everything.

  3. For a long time we’ve been
    Marching off to battle
    In our thundering herd
    We feel a lot like cattle
    Like the pounding beat
    Our aching feet aren’t
    Easy to ignore
    Hey, think of instead
    A girl worth fighting for
    That’s what I said
    A girl worth fighting for

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