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What is one thing men do that you find incredibly pathetic?

What is one thing men do that you find incredibly pathetic?

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  1. When a man you just met tries really hard to act like a douche and make you feel bad. For some reason some men feel the need to make themselves seem superior lol

  2. Be aggressive towards other (random) men and beat up or threaten other men to “demonstrate their superiority/manliness”. Also, all this BS that’s related to “honor” and “protecting one’s honor” etc. Obviously not many men do this, only a specific subgroup of gorilla morons.

  3. Nothing. I forgive any man for his actions. He may not know what he does.

    But maybe, his actions are bad, but i could help him see the error of his ways, and help him to love himself.

    So often, men who do pathetic things are living in a world of self hate. Toxic masculinity, demonization of men, mental illness.

    These are not reasons to tear men down. We need to build men up and help eachother. Because a world full of broken men is a very dangerous world.

  4. Care about what’s “manly” or not. Nothing more laughable than having a whole list of things you’re not allowed to do just because other men said so, and believing that somehow makes you strong.

  5. Catcalling. It just looks and sounds so *sad*.

    “Hey, I’m going to bother this woman walking down the street because I never have any healthy or pleasant interactions with women and this is the only thing I know how to do.”

    It would be pitiful if I could spare any pity for people who harass others.

  6. Pillowtalking to females about other men
    I wanna fuck her too syndrome(after someone only wants to bang a chick because you did first,basically trying to 1 up you)
    Not washing hands after using public toilet(both 1 and 2)

    I know it says 1 thing so to sum it all up,being a douchebag

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