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What is it about horror movies set in colonial times that make them so creepy?

What is it about horror movies set in colonial times that make them so creepy?

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  1. Put it in context: back then, night brought the monsters. Werewolves & vampires roamed. If you weren’t with the church, you were allied with the Devil. Witches were a thing.

    And the best (or worst) part: when going after the monsters or defending yourself, you had primitive weapons and magic (if one believed in such things).

    Ever been on a candlelit tour? Your candles light doesn’t go to far: it goes out, you are in pitch black, surrounded by who knows what.

  2. A lot of those movies are set in the fall… which always kinda has this sense of forebodingness. Also… they’re usually set in forested areas with always somehow evoke a sense of unknown and isolation. And then of course… like others have said… the lack of modern technology which has kinda has the effect of really making the unknown much scarier.

    One of my favorite ones is Sleepy Hollow… definitely has the epitome of creepy colonial atmosphere.

  3. The fashion and overuse of makeup was always creepy to me. I would piss myself if I saw a lady with a pale face as white as snow and a stiff ass long dress walking in a dark empty mansion.

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