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What is it about a fist fight that makes you feel so alive?

Win or lose, every fist fight that I have been in I felt more alive than ever afterwards. What do you me think is the reason for this?

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  1. Other folks here are right with Adrenaline, but there are also psychological aspects. A fight readjusts your priorities in life. It reminds you how little a lot of things actually matter. When you’ve just got out of training and sparring and having a real immediate threat to face with actual consequences… Well suddenly your rude coworker isn’t so upsetting. They don’t matter. Someone playing power games and trying to intimidate you in a negotiation or a social setting just doesn’t matter at all. They’re irrelevant and their efforts to get a rise of you just feel childish.

    Sparring and fighting readjusts you. When I do train and get smacked around a bit I am a calmer, happier, more peaceful person. When I don’t I notice I’m more prone to stress and more effected by social situations and pressures.

    One thing I will say is that street fighting is stupid and dangerous. If you cold cock somebody in a parkinglot, hitting the pavement might kill them or cause them permenant brain damage. And you’re picking a fight you won’t get the most out of. Most of the time the person stepping up doesn’t know what they’re doing. You’re basically bullying them and you gain NOTHING from that. In a gym you can constantly push yourself. You can spar with people you KNOW are better than you. You can learn and develop and push your body right to the edge. You can work a bag until your arms feel like they’re going to fall off and your heart feels like it’s going to explode. You can step to half speed with a training partner and drill techniques, chasing perfection.

    And when you just need to get hit and hit back, you’re with family that gets it and will step up, go all out with you and win or lose, have ZERO hard feelings after. Because they know.

  2. It’s an adrenaline rush. Please don’t tell me you are the kind of person who purposely doesn’t try to diffuse or deescalate because it’s thrilling. Fights are not good. Even when you win. I learned this the bad way.

  3. Hey, I can actually answer this one!

    My entire career revolves around fighting (combat sports) and for me it’s always been the primal rush of being able to test yourself in such a raw, physical way. There’s something about being across from another person and competing against them with no gimmicks, no equipment, just your bodies, that in my opinion is the purest form of competition. I originally got involved with mixed martial arts as an outlet for anger, and being able to channel it in a constructive way and have that catharsis is such an amazing experience.

    That said, any actual fight outside of a structured environment remains terrifying. Even if you’re dealing with a couch potato who’s never thrown a punch, the chance of injury due to plain bad luck on both sides, the unpredictability of who you’re dealing with or how far they’ll take it, etc makes it an experience to avoid if possible.

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