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What is adulthood like?

EDIT : i’m 18

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  1. As a child, when you make $20, you make $20.

    As an adult, when you make $20, half of it is already gone. Or more. Taxes, rent, tuition debt, car payment, phone, insurance.. you get the idea.

    As a child, you have a mandatory structure by which to find friends. School.

    As an adult, you don’t have anything like that. There are some substitutes, but they are either expensive and temporary (college) or far more limited in scope (church).

    As a child, everything is about preparing for the future.

    As an adult, things are far more rudderless. Prioritization becomes something of a crapshoot.

    As a young adult, relationships are mostly an avenue by which to explore your newfound horney bastardom. Some drama, but it rarely means anything in the long run.

    As an adult, the stakes rise through the roof. Commitment is far more beneficial, but also far more dangerous. A bad relationship can wreck you for over a decade. A good one can be one of the foundations of your life.

  2. It’s what you make it. Adulthood (24-30) for me has been pretty great so far to be honest. I’ve accomplished things young me didn’t think I would. There’s been ups and downs but nothing insurmountable. Adulthood has been about choices and what choice you think will be best in that moment, sometimes that choice doesn’t always pan out but overall it generally has for me.

  3. You gain 2 things: privileges and responsibilities. If you neglect your responsibilities, you lose your privileges. The privileges of adulthood, in my opinion, are FAR better than the privileges of childhood, but the responsibilities are FAR greater. If you can’t accept the responsibilities, you’ll be a child until you do.

  4. Everything is your responsibility. All the time. And if it isn’t it won’t get don’t, so just take responsibility for it now or it will bother you.

    Just take responsibility, for every thing you can.

  5. Depends on if you learned any valuable lessons from your childhood and teenage years, and if you can apply what you’ve learned.

    Did you learn good work ethic? How to save money and invest it? How to treat others with respect? How to respectfully not take shit from others? How to treat yourself physically and mentally? Do you have short and long term goals and the motivation to reach for them? Do you have interests that bring you joy?

    The more you’re lacking as a teen the more ground you’ll have to gain as an adult and it may be harder for you to learn those things.

  6. The thing you have to remember is that life will kick you in the rear often sometimes for no reason at all. You’ll find that your hopes sometimes crumble.

    That being said, realize that your actions have consequences. You’d be surprised how many people never really grasp that. Think long term in everything that you do, but don’t neglect the now. Like a previous user said: work ethic goes a long way, financial responsibility is also important. Do you know what respect is? Do you know how to respect? How you present yourself to others goes along way.

    Also, don’t get caught up in your future that you neglect yourself. Find hobbies, learn new things, keep your health in order. Find some stability, a support system you don’t have to do everything alone.

  7. Enjoy your youth. Party in college. Enjoy yourself. Life can get hard. Life can suck. Don’t go into your 30’s regretting living a boring life this far.

  8. Imagine that feeling you get, you know the last couple of weeks before you leave for summer break. You are tired, don’t wanna go to school, everything annoys you, you just want it to hurry up and end.

    That’s every single day for the rest of your life

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