what is a good way to tell if a guy really wants to get to know me for me and isn’t just being friendly to get ohhh?

what is a good way to tell if a guy really wants to get to know me for me and isn’t just being friendly to get ohhh?

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  1. When you have a conversation with him, see how many questions he asks about you, and how interested he seems in whatever topics you cover. Then when you pick up conversation later on, revisit those convos and see what he brings up regarding them. The more he remembers, the more likely he is to be into more than just sex.

    Just as a disclaimer though, this could also just mean that you’re testing his memory, which may not be good to begin with. And also, it is possible to both want to get to know a person and want to sleep with them at the same time.

  2. If he’s full of compliments and not a lot else then it’s definately just sex he’s after.

    Apart from that, there’s no way of really knowing until you’ve had sex.

  3. If they ask about you, listen to the response, and remember it later. I doubt guys looking for a one night stand will remember your favorite flower / color etc. They probably are not looking to stick around so probably wouldn’t put in the effort.

  4. I sincerely wish there was a good way to answer this question. It’s something that I think about a lot.

    For me I feel like the answer is really obvious. It’s like, instinctive. I can just look at how a guy behaves and I usually know if he’s genuine or if he’s a player. But I have never found a good way to put this into words. And there are many women who seem like they aren’t able to tell the difference.

    If I figured out a way to write it down I could probably write a best selling book.

  5. Dont fuck him on the first date, or even the fourth. Make him wait and invest time in you. If he waits around, he is interested in you genuinely. If he doesnt, he only wanted to fuck and chuck.

  6. Prolong how long it takes for them to get sex. If we actually care about you we’ll wait longer and be more invested in spending time with you even if we know we’re not getting laid.

  7. The quality of conversation is usually a good indicator. Not a perfect measuring stick, as he could be a good bullshitter just trying to get what he wants. But usually there’s a depth and a vibe to your connection that you’ll know that he’s really into you.

  8. That’s hard men are w****** .I would say if he doesn’t tries it on on straight away is after one thing if you know each other for a couple of months and he hasn’t tried to strip you he’s interested in you

  9. Ask him questions about himself, if he only wants sex, his answers will be short and underdeveloped as he does not want to open up to someone he does not actually want to be with.

  10. Sex is priority, don’t feel bad, that is how men are designed. The key is If he’s willing to do things with you outside of sex, ie go out to places for fun. If he introduces you to his friends, etc.

  11. He asks your name, what you do, what kind of food you like. Well those questions are short term questions.

    Should children be spanked? Do you want children? Does your father like me? What do you think is better long term for us, an appartment or a house? If we get a domicile how are we going to pay for it? What religious upbringing did you have?

    Long term relationship questions. The problem is you must go through the short term questions first.

    Good luck.

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