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What is a game changer for reducing anxiety?

What is a game changer for reducing anxiety?

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  1. Went for a 30 minute run today. The serotonin is still pumping, I feel more like myself again. The anxious thoughts still come in but my brains refusing to let them stay. So in other words, EXERCISE!

  2. some supplements can help.

    taurine, lithium ororate (5mg, far from therapeutic ranges), magnesium, or herbs like ashwaghandha, bacopa, st johns wort (careful of interactions with that one tho):

  3. Working out. I always get the feeling like if I don’t work my ass off im gonna shrivel up and die.
    Nowadays, Brazilian jiu jitsu has been a total blast to do. If you feel lost at all, its a total game changer.

  4. I used to have horrible social anxiety but then I got a sales/account management job….

    My psychiatrist refused to prescribe xanax, he just said I needed to step out of my comfort zone, face my fears; the guy was right.

  5. normal, non-diagnosable anxiety: all the lifestyle stuff people here mention

    diagnosable, persistent anxiety (like what I had): SSRI medication. Changed my fucking life and my entire personhood no joke

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