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What have you studied extensively?

What have you studied extensively?

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  1. Jack of all trades, master of none: my ‘day job’ is finance/accounting, so there’s that (25 yrs). Spare time, through the years: Languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek; the dead versions, not the current ones), linguistics, psychology (wife is a PhD in psych, common shared interest), space history, and mechanical wrist watches.

  2. I don’t know if it counts as studying, but I have a hobby of listening to history podcasts so I like to think I know as much or more about history as anyone who doesn’t get paid to know about it.

  3. If it’s metal, I can make anything if you give me blueprints. I have about a decade of fabrication experience.

    If it’s lifting, I can lift heavy things and put them down.

    I’m an engineering major, but I’m not that great at that yet like the others.

    I also work on all my cars.

    Probably tinder too. Always on that damn app.

  4. Topographic maps. Got to the point in some regions where I can guess where I will find an archaeological site, or certain plant communities. Finding off-trail waterfalls based on good map reading is awesome. Also ending up in the best camping spots ever, sometimes by just walking an extra 10 minutes or so from where I or the group may have wanted to stop.

  5. Law/politics would win easily (ba in poli sci and a law degree)

    For hobbies/not formal education: music history, specifically punk and associated genres.

    Yea those two usually don’t go together so I might be a poser.

  6. I’m in the nursing program and finished my mother baby class like 4 weeks ago where I was spending a good 80+ hours a week for 8 wreks learning about onset of labour, stages of labor, possible complications and conditions that can arise, and how to manage them as well as caring for the newborn, breastfeeding, and the lifespan of the infant.

    I remember like 25% of it lol

  7. Global affairs and structuring financial products. Maybe not so much the former because to be perfectly honest, I only feel “well versed” because the average American is a completely ignorant idiot.

  8. I’d say people are probably the thing I’ve studied most extensively. I would probably be considered autistic if people didn’t perceive me as being so sociable.

  9. Analog electronics. There’s some sections I’m kinda rusty on, as a lot of stuff has been displaced by digital technologies and it just doesn’t come up much. But that’s definitely the thing I know the most about.

  10. Nothing, absolutely nothing. Prefer to have the wisdom on many topics and to know whom I might ask if I need a tip instead of studying one thing and not even realizing if someone talks crap.

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