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What have been your positive and negative experiences with

What have been your positive and negative experiences with

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  1. Mostly alright.

    A lot of the people are very… Awkward. Though I can see how this website would appeal to a group that normally struggles to socialize.

    But overall, it’s been pleasant. It’s just a convenient way to connect with people if, like me, you’re moving to a new area and you don’t know anyone. It’s just a way to go out and experience things you normally wouldn’t.

    With that being said, a common complaint from women on Meetup, is that there’s quite a good number of creeps. I’d avoid using it as a dating site, that’s no what people are there for.

  2. I have had mostly either positive or neutral experiences. The site did allow me to connect with people locally who share either professional or personal interests. Had no bad experiences to speak of that were the fault of the site.

  3. Most of it was very positive, but I did go to a meetup where the group just wasn’t very fun. I can’t blame the app, they were nice people, it was just a lot of standing around and trying to keep a conversation going that was deeper than “yes, no, or okay.”

  4. I moved to a new city and used it last year. I’m going to start my own group in the next year. Some of the people I’ve met at the meetups make them worse and I will block people like that.

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