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What happened to Flour and Chocolate?

The Morningside shop is the easiest one for me to get to and I managed to get there last week, but was very disappointed again.

The last few times I’ve gone, the pastries like the cinnabuns and croissants were over baked and really bitter. Especially the ham and cheese croissant, it wasn’t burnt but it tasted burnt. The cinnabun was a corner one and the sugars from the filling had burned on the bottom. It was also really tough and difficult to eat.

Then the donuts, Lordy my, the donuts. Inconsistent frying, some paler but a lot of them so dark brown that I thought they were chocolate until I bit into it and realised they were just overcooked. They were also very tough and chewy. The shaping and sizing was all over the shop and the custard was lumpy. Very lumpy. The TimTam one had one lump of yellow custard the size of a macadamia nut, the rest were pea size or smaller. Tried again this week with a jam donut and the darn thing had been overfilled and tasted like rancid oil.

It was my favourite bakery and I’m sad that the consistency and quality is different to what I’m used to. Does anyone know what’s happened? Are any of the other locations better?

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