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What happened the first time you sat in a police car?

What happened the first time you sat in a police car?

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  1. Worst experience of my entire life and it haunts me to this day.

    I come from a very small town and would walk to kindergarten (it was the 80s, kindergarten was two blocks away, and my parents were pretty bad at being parents). On a very snowy day, our Chief of Police offered me a ride in his car.

    While in his car, he offered me a stick of stick of gum, which I accepted. Unbeknownst to me, it was black liquorice gum! In an effort to be polite, I had to spend two excruciating blocks chewing that horrifying awfulness.

    I’m almost 40 know, and don’t know what ever happened to the old Chief of Police. Probably in prison for child abuse.

  2. What do you think would happen when you sit in a policecar? If you are no longer a child, there are always negative reasons for sitting in a police car.

    They took me to the policestation and questioned me.

  3. My mom used to date a cop, so she thought it would be a fun experience for me to go on a ride along…. Bad fucking idea. I saw two things that day that really stuck with em till this very day. First off, for the first time I witnessed and heard from his very own lips that as an officer he used racial profiling despite him being a black man himself. I witnessed as he drove around the neighborhood stopping people he felt were suspicious. Later that day, he got a call for a drive by shooting, he sped off to the scene. By the time, we got there the victim was dead and the suspects were gone but he had parked the car with me staring at my first dead body. I was 12 at the time and the experience really messed me up for a bit.

  4. First time I remember was a car crash. Troopers here often put you in the passenger seat to get your statement, plus it helps them to smell any alcohol on your breath as it’s contained in the vehicle so they can smell it on your breath (I wasn’t DWI it’s just a common tactic they use here)

  5. Was like 14. Got picked up after midnight for a curfew violation. Another time my girlfriend wrecked her car and since it was after midnight they gave me a ride home.

  6. Couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculous reason I got arrested.

    Caught an assault charge at 17 for hitting a teacher with a pie on a dare.

    Hahah. This was back in the mid 90s. But the charges were dropped after the arrest and we’ve laughed about it a couple times since then.

  7. Me and my friends were walking around one evening, found a box of chocolate dropped by a truck (live at a port city) so we were thrilled. Found an old CRT TV and decided to throw a rock in it and it kinda blew up/imploded and a cop car heard it and thought it was a gun shot.

    So they drove down to us under an overpass and kinda just told us to clean up and then drove us home, we got to keep the chocolate btw 🙂

  8. I was on a ride along. Pretty uneventful day. Almost got hit by a guy running a red light thought, so we pulled him over. Let him off with a warning. Deputy I was with was on the gang unit so traffic violations weren’t really his thing.

  9. I was getting my dick sucked in the parking lot of a state park and a cop pulled in. He made me get into his car to question me; I was shitting myself but he let me go and told me to find someplace that wasn’t public property. Ah, college.

  10. He lectured me about why I shouldn’t drive 110 mph on an open country highway. Told me since I was in college he knew I was too smart for that. Then he gave me a ticket for speeding and let me go.

    It could have been a lot worse if he cited me for careless driving and arrested me.

  11. Had messy teenage years. Got into a big fight that got a lot of people arrested (20 people). Some of us went straight to the hospital while those of us who were not seriously injured got in the truck. Only time I was arrested/caught.

  12. Another car ran the red light and bumped mine as I started across the intersection, in full view of the police car that was waiting at the light.

    It was chilly outside (February in Kansas) so we sat in the squad car to fill out the report.

  13. It was really casual. My mom called me downstairs, and she’s like come outside for me. I go downstairs, and to my surprise as I exit the house there’s a police car. The officer is chatting with my mom and I walk over and he introduced himself and was like hey come check this out. Proceeds to show me the trunk and stuff and what not. I’m 19 BTW. Young man. Anyways he’s like hey we’re gonna go for a drive get in. I get in the back seat next thing I know. I’m at the mental hospital for two weeks. Tl;Dr randomly sent to mental hospital

  14. I was at my dad’s precinct and some of the officers under him had to take a run to the store. They asked me if I wanted to come and I said yes, of course I couldn’t have ridden in the front so they had me sit in the back. There’s not very much room back there, and I was 7 at the time and probably like 4’5″.

  15. I was in a foreign country with my gf. Our driver had just committed a crime while we were in the car and our driver got arrested and beaten. So yeah a bit scary.

  16. I was actually up front, I was just getting a ride across town, since the engineering school is 4 miles from main campus where I went. The guy was both a campus officer and an engineering student. So overall, it was a good experience. Nothing super memorable.

  17. I hopped in the front seat, told him I was riding shotgun, and we drove off to the police station where I was cited for underage drinking. I then walked a block back to the party, out my beer in a coozie and continued to drink knowing there was nothing they could do. No PC to step onto property.

    It was stupid of me lol. The officer was cool. They had me in and out pretty quick. It wasn’t a super unpleasant experience. I was cool, the cop was cool.

  18. I bought a blank firing gun off the internet when I was younger (like 14) and I was walking around my town with it like an idiot, somebody called the police because they understandably thought it was a real gun. I was lucky that the armed response unit didn’t turn up (I live in the UK), they ended up just taking me back to my house and talking to my Mum about it.

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