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What goes through your head if a very pretty girl wants you?

If you know that she wants ohhh with you.

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  1. She wants to steal something from my house. She just wants a ride in my car(s), ‘Check to make sure no one is grabbing your wallet while you’re distracted’, ‘Look around, she may have snickering friends who can’t believe she’s actually going through with the dare’, ‘A girl this pretty has got to look like an Arbys menu down there’, ‘Would i want to have a girlfriend everyone stares at once we enter a restaurant?’

  2. “it’s a trap”

    “it’s a joke, and I’m the butt of it”

    “she’s crazy”

    Then at the end of paranoia “maybe she actually likes me and she’s not crazy” but I’ve yet to catch a pretty girl’s attention that wasn’t joking or crazy

  3. Ok, I think I know what you’re trying to get at here, and I think I might have a satisfying answer. You want to know what goes through a man’s mind when he is confronted with an attractive woman who seems to be attracted to him. I won’t get into the “pretty” aspect, and I won’t even address the part where you say she wants sex, but I will give you a rundown of the questions I ask myself when this happens to me, which is often enough that I’ve had to come up with a process:

    **1. Is she acting freely?** Is she at work? Is she behind a counter? Maybe her hand brushed yours, but was it just to give you your change? Perhaps she is supposed to make eye contact with everyone who comes into her restaurant. Are we in a situation where it’s just better for us to get along? Like if we work together, or if we’re roommates? If I am not certain she is choosing with total freedom to interact with me to the extent that she is, I will hold my horses.

    If she is acting freely, I’ll chat her up a bit. Try to get a feel for what she’s like personally and what she wants. Then I want to know

    **2. Is she involved already?** I have found that I get the most attention from women who are unavailable. Women at work, in classrooms, or wherever, they want the rush and validation of getting a guy even though they have one already. They want the romance and seduction, but for me, even if there’s sex or whatever, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I avoid these kinds of situations, so I will be paying attention to two things throughout our interactions: is she showing an interest in me personally, or stoking my interest in her? Is she direct in her advances, or is she teasing my advances? if it’s the latter, it’s more likely to me that she’s just having some extracurricular fun. If she seems to be genuinely interested, and I haven’t deduced whether she’s involved, I might just ask if she has a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or whatever. If she does, great. I’m happy that she is happy, but I’m taking my horses back to the stable. If she doesn’t, I have one more question:

    **3. Will she follow through?** It’s all well and good for a single girl to be forthcoming and open with her interest. But does she have a good plan? if so, will she follow through? if not, will she go along with my plan? Enough to go on a date? Or will she say “no, why don’t we be friends for like a year or two”? If she takes control and asks me to come over, is she going to lose her nerve by the time I arrive? I’m ready to go the full distance, but if she is not ready to see it through *with me* it’s better to keep my horses in the barn until she is. If she’s for real, I’ll take her out, show her a good time, bring her home and give her what she wants.

    There are also a bunch of other games to watch out for, like she knows somebody else saw me first, but she’s competitive so she wants my attention real bad. Sometimes it’s to make somebody else jealous. I think that falls under the first criteria (“Is she acting freely?”).

    I’m willing to get involved if I think the answers to these three questions are “yes”.

  4. I am so used to not having attention from strangers that if one came up to me and was interested I’d honestly be looking around for someone recording and think I’m being fucked with.

  5. If we’re not in a relationship – I accept it, but I reject the advances. Wouldn’t believe she was actually into me.

    I’d have to take her out on a couple of dates if she was down. Then maybe I’d believe it.

  6. Article about this:

    [Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women](


    >Psychologists at Radboud University in The Netherlands carried out the study after one of them was so struck on impressing an attractive woman he had never met before, that ***he could not remember his address*** when she asked him where he lived.

    >Researchers said it was as if he was so keen to make an impression he ‘temporarily absorbed most of his cognitive resources.’

    Computer simulation:

    [Girl Alert!](

    Case study:

    [He blew his chance to date a movie star](

    Men losing their minds even without speaking–with David Attenborough-style voice-over commentary:

    [David Attenborough narrates a typical British night out](

    [Clubbing in the Wild](

    Fun documentary with more science:

    [Science of Sex Appeal](

    This podcast had one of the most vivid descriptions I’ve come across of this:

    [This American Life 220: Testosterone](

    For people who prefer to read: [transcript](

    I highly recommend listening to “Act 2: Infinite Gent.” It’s about a person who received massive doses of testosterone.

    Made me look at being male in a new way.


    > Griffin Hansbury: My first injection was a pretty large one of 2 ccs of 200 milligram strength depo-testosterone, which is a fairly high amount.

    >Just to give you a sense of how much that is, the average amount of testosterone in an average male body is between 300 and 1,000 nanograms per deciliter of blood.

    >After that shot, and after an average shot, my testosterone levels go up to over 2,000 nanograms per deciliter, so that I have the testosterone of two high-testosterone men in my body at once.
    > Alex Blumberg: You have the testosterone of two linebackers.
    > Griffin Hansbury:
    > Exactly. Exactly. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of T. And what’s amazing about it is how instantaneous it is, that it happens within a few days really. The world just changes.
    > Alex Blumberg: What were some of the changes that you didn’t expect?
    > Griffin Hansbury:
    > The most overwhelming feeling is the incredible increase in libido and change in the way that I perceived women and the way I thought about sex.

    >Before testosterone, I would be riding the subway, which is the traditional hotbed of lust in the city.

    >And I would see a woman on the subway, and I would think, *she’s attractive. I’d like to meet her. What’s that book she’s reading? I could talk to her.* This is what I would say.
    > There would be a narrative. There would be this stream of language. It would be very verbal.
    > After testosterone, there was no narrative. There was no language whatsoever. It was just, I would see a woman who was attractive or not attractive. She might have an attractive quality, nice ankles or something, and the rest of her would be fairly unappealing to me.
    > But that was enough to basically just flood my mind with aggressive, pornographic images, just one after another. It was like being in a pornographic movie house in my mind. And I couldn’t turn it off. I could not turn it off. Everything I looked at, everything I touched, turned to sex.
    > . . .
    > Alex Blumberg: What did you do with that? I mean, what did you think?
    > Griffin Hansbury:
    > Well, I felt like a monster a lot of the time. And it made me understand men. It made me understand adolescent boys a lot. Suddenly, hair is sprouting, and I’m turning into this beast. And I would really berate myself for it.
    > I remember walking up Fifth Avenue, there was a woman walking in front of me. And she was wearing this little skirt and this little top.

    >And I was looking at her ass. And I kept saying to myself, *don’t look at it, don’t look at it.* And I kept looking at it.
    > And I walked past her. And this voice in my head kept saying, *turn around to look at her breasts. Turn around, turn around, turn around.*

    >And my feminist, female background kept saying, *don’t you dare, you pig. Don’t turn around.* And I fought myself for a whole block, and then I turned around and checked her out.

  7. Probably hours, days, possibly even weeks tactfully planning how I will go about initiating the relationship with her, only to either

    A. Never do it because I feel too awkward, even if I do know that she is into me.

    B. Have the plan perfectly memorized in my head, and then as soon as I approach her the entire thing goes out the window.

  8. Lately, it is annoyance at the fact that every woman I have apparent mutual interest with is someone where it would be inappropriate to date (e.g. coworkers).

    I’m also particularly good at picking out a woman in a crowd and getting along famously with them only to find out that they have a partner already. You can almost see the moment where she realizes that she has crossed the line and needs to back it up and bring up the boyfriend to define that this is just friendly flirting, not flirting with intent.

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