What experience shattered your self confidence?

What experience shattered your self confidence?

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  1. Opening up to someone who I know liked me back the after a while she rejected me, initial rejections are okay because it’s more superficial but when you open up to someone and get to know each other before the rejection then it’s more personal. They’re really rejecting you for who you are on a deeper level

  2. I had played college football and ran track at a high level. I felt empowered. I joined the service , got injured in the Marines and it took my identity from me. My grandpa, dad, great uncle and brother were all Marines and I felt I let my family down. It took years to see my job doesn’t define me and I’m not a failure or less of a man. My moms boyfriend is from Oregon and told me it’s culture. I live in Texas. If this happened in north west no one would cared

  3. * I used to be part of a different online forum, where I had posted my pics, when one day in college, someone handed me a note indicating that they were also on the forum and had recognized me. Later that day, I went on the forum to see if they had mentioned it, and read: “We saw so-and-so today. I must say, he’s certainly no Adonis.”

    * A few years ago, I had a crush on this girl and I wanted to ask her out. So I did. Instead of simply (politely) declining and saying “no, thank you”, she shook her head and said: “oh no, I wish you hadn’t.”

    * A few years before that, I was at a party where we all drank a lot. This one girl, who I was not attracted to at all, came onto me when I was leaving the bathroom. She was near black-out drunk, cornered me, grabbed my ass and asked me if I wanted to make out. I declinded her and walked her upstairs to put her to bed. Next day, she was hung-over and asked me what had happened. I explained everything, said she wanted to kiss me. She got this mortified look on her face and said: “yuck, gross!”

    * Not that long ago I was on Facebook in a discussion underneath a news article. One of the people apparently had looked at my profile (it’s set to private, but everyone can always see your profile pic) and said I looked “like I had AIDS”.

  4. Seeing my close friends go off to good colleges and party schools while I stayed home, because I got poor grades in high school, made me feel like I wasn’t worthy of having cool experiences and being happy.

  5. I’ve always had some body image issues, but my dad will sometimes make negative comments about my weight and appearance. I’m already fairly skinny and almost underweight, but they still get to me.

  6. Losing my job and not being able to find decent employment for a couple months while my girlfriend was paying our bills for the largest part. Didn’t matter the situation had been reversed only a few months prior. My worth was my ability to provide. Not to her, she loved me unconditionally, but to me.

    Destroyed me to the point I couldn’t even get hard I felt like such a worthless piece of shit.

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