What does your SO do to show love/affection to you, and what do you wish they did instead?

What does your SO do to show love/affection to you, and what do you wish they did instead?

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  1. She perfoms mundane tasks for me, like banal house chores and stuff, finding new music and shows I might like, cooking food I enjoy.

    I wish she would give me more surprise physical affection initiated by her, especially leading to sex. Me being the only one that ensures we have sex is pretty tiresome and makes me feel unattractive, unappreciated.

  2. She buys me things. Like food or clothing.

    I wish she was more verbally expressive, cause I like hearing I love you and I miss you opposed to waking up to a caramel frappe every morning or a new t shirt every other day. No complaints though

  3. Wants to constantly engage in conversation and be around me 24/7, if not texting me every minute of the day we are apart.

    What I’d prefer?

    Giving me some time alone.
    Im not very talkative and find conversation can be very taxing as I never have much to talk about. I like peace and quiet and will happily go a whole day without speaking.

    She understands this, but I think it is conflicting to her due to past bad relationships/experiences.

  4. She always wanted to text me how much she loved me or put it all over Facebook. I am a private person and not into it. We were both young and it made sense but I wish she would have just wanted to spend time with me or go places in general. I love to travel and she wasn’t much into it. I am the type to buy things for you to show that you matter or do something (clean the house when you’re gone) rather than saying it a million times like she wanted.

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