What does your room look like?

I’m curious to see what guys’ rooms look like around the world

P.S. Pictures are appreciated

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  1. Four padded walls, lots of helmets, at least six that I can physically see right and that’s not including the one that I think is on my head currently. Let’s see, what else. I don’t really see anything else to be honest. I’ve been trapped in here for days because of all the shit in here keeping me from leaving. Oh, wait, think I can see the girl that’s always here giving me lots of the sex but I’m not sure. It could be just about anything really, right? Reckon I’m just treating me right, huh? Yeah, I sure am probably.

  2. I’m a loser, so my room has comic book and movie posters on the wall. My TV and XBOX take center stage. I’ve got three shelves above that with Funko pops, Lego sets and Star Wars figures on them. My bed is in the corner. And I’ve got an awesome leather chair that I got from my grandpa and a nice coffee table that I do all my work on. My room is pretty much exactly what I want it to be.

  3. Don’t have a picture handy, but it’s got a king-size bed in one corner, my PC in the opposite corner, a sizeable low dresser/mirror combo, a bookshelf next to the computer, and then a series of corkboards above the bed covered in photos of my favorite people. And Christmas lights strung round the edges.

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