What does it mean when an ex wants to be friends?

My ex (M18) broke up with me (F18) a two weeks ago or so and I cut off all contact for the weeks. Blocked etc etc. Eventually I reached out saying I hope he’s doing well and we occasionally talk a few words a day now (mostly towards the end of the day) and we’ll watch a show or YT videos together.

He said he still wants to be friends like we were before dating and we still send and FT each other nsfw stuff (mainly me). But he doesn’t really initiate talking like we did before and during dating and doesn’t really reply unless I feel like he really needed something or a “nsfw” thing or needed to let some stress out.

Can someone decipher this behaviour? I’m kinda an airhead lol

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  1. Why did you contacted him ” Eventually ” ?
    If he doesn’t reply mostly why even initiate a conversation??
    Why send someone nsfw stuff you don’t even care about??

    Looks like you still cant get over him.

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