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What does it feel like to ejaculate in her vagina?

What does it feel like to ejaculate in her vagina?

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  1. literally the best feeling for me in the entire world drugs have nothing on it. im also pleasantly surprised how many women let you cum inside them lol hopefully no kids of mine are running around

  2. It’s by far the best physical feeling ever, it’s crazy how it’s so much better than with a condom, or over her body. In her mouth is a close second if she’s good at giving head

  3. How much better is a grilled cheese sandwich than a cheese sandwich with butter on the outside of the bread? Both have the same ingredients in the same proportions in the same order. Both will make you not hungry anymore. But we all know which one we’d rather have.

  4. Its good but not that good to me. It’s like cumming while someone squeezes on your dick. It’s hard for the cum to come out which stops it from being that pleasant. Cumming in her mouth and then watching her gargle it is the shit tho. Best stuff ever.

  5. Scary? unless you are planning kids I don’t really see the point it’s just dangerous and besides it looks much better on her. Plus it’s not so fun watching her drip to the bathroom afterwards.

  6. I love it. That’s the moment when I feel like my wife and I are truly one. Hard to describe, but to me it feeks like a moment of true unity where the boundaries between us seem blurred.

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