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What does cuddling mean to you?

Is it something you could spend hours doing with just anybody? Or would you only spend your time cuddling a girl who you would only end up dating?

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  1. everything. cuddling is better than sex in my opinion, and let me explain why. the act of cuddling is so sensual, loving, affectionate,passionate. it makes me feel something . I crave that feeling of love when I have sex aswell, I want to feel like im in a romance novel. I wanna feel like theres passion in the room , even if I barely know the girl I feel like cuddling is such a deep bond. atleast for me

  2. Has to be someone that I have an attraction to. I have spent many Sundays cuddling with my gf, pretty much all day. Back in the day, I had a very cute cuddle buddy, I didnt mess it up by trying to date her.

  3. Not just anybody, but it doesn’t have to be a super serious relationship either.

    If we’re intimate enough to be in bed or on a couch with one another they’re likely someone I’m fine to cuddle with.

  4. I won’t cuddle if I’m being yelled at or called awful names. So I don’t cuddle anymore and haven’t in years.

    Cuddling to me means holding the other person. But now I’ve got an aversion to it, so I don’t care anymore

  5. Normally it’s okay but after sex, it’s very annoying don’t know why women want to cuddle after sex so much sometimes I want to kick her off the bed but I endure the pain.

  6. I’m not much of a touchy person to begin with, like, I never go out to try an initiate physical contact. I dont go and hug someone unless they start it, I dont sit right next to someone or Bush up to anyone unless its unavoidable. I use to do theater, which is honestly a very touchy-feely group of people, and occasionally, I’ll have a girl lean up against me or rest their head on my shoulder, arm, or lap because they were tired. Things like that, I’ll let happen, but I still try my best to not like move or touch them. In a relationship though, I am very physical, and being able to hold or be held while cuddling is extremely important and satisfying to me. I really wouldnt do it with just anyone, not even just a friend in some cases, it would only be with someone I am emotionally invested and interested in would I actively cuddle with them, otherwise, if they try to be close with me, I just sort of seize up or move away

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