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What do you “tinkering” men do for fun?

I say tinkering because I dunno what other word to use! My fiance likes to “tinker” and I wonder if there was anything out there made specifically for these kinds of people? For example he enjoys taking stuff apart to fix or inspect, then putting them back together, that kind of thing. I just wish I could indulge that hobby more by giving him something cool to mess around with, but I dunno what to even look for. Any ideas?

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  1. I have 3 cars, 3 motorcycles, a desktop PC, and an entire heavyweight combat robot, all in various states of disassembly. If I’m not pulling something apart and zipping it back together I’m liable to go mad. Get him a cheap, old 2-wheeled Honda.

    (Don’t think I’m bragging about money, you couldn’t buy a decent new car for what all of the above cost me)

  2. There are RC cars and planes out there that you can basically build from the ground recommend cars if you don’t like watching a few hundred dollars crash into the ground. Cars rarely crash Into the ground. Just other things.

  3. I don’t know if my wife would be able to pick something out for me to mess around with that I’d enjoy without spending a ton of money on.

    Having said that, does he tinker on stuff that is useful that needs to be fixed? Or does he like modifying and improving something and making it more efficient? Does he like to Frankenstein stuff together so something works with something else that really shouldn’t go together? These are the questions that could help you choose something.

    Failing that, maybe you can add to his tools. On the expensive end, install a four point hydraulic lift for a car. On the medium end maybe a 3D printer and the software to use it with. On the less expensive end, maybe a new soldering kit or large lighted magnifying glass, or better garage/shed lighting. Just look at his tools and see what he might be missing or wanting.

  4. Are you short? I am. I was at a shop with a male friend and I went to buy this little collapsible step thing. He said wtf are you doing with that? I explained that I am sick of having to carry a chair around my house to stand on every time I need to get something off a high shelf. So he built me a really cool timber one and painted it pink! He’s making me a cheeseboard now.

  5. I’m really into mechanics. I work with bicycles and I love gear hubs. Somehow I’m really not wired for electronics.

    If I were asked about what gifts I would enjoy; older Lego Technic kits which have all those moving bits and bops (current Lego Technic has been regarded as a disappointment by many “oldschool” fans), or CaDa, which is a good analog to Technic which even provides metal parts on stress points.

    If he’s more on the electronic/programming side, an Arduino or a Raspberry Pi board are always a nice thing for a tinkerer; they’re low cost microcomputers/controllers with high applicability. They come in almost all shapes and sizes and can be found in a lot of fancy DIY projects. There are even ready made kits, he could build a portable game console, or a microcontrolled jukebox.

  6. Maintaining my friend’s sailboat (Oil changes, replacing old parts, etc.) and also just drinking a beer and tinkering with my bicycle with Led Zeppelin on. Highly recommended.

  7. I make jewelry, fix old knives, puzzles are fun. I like home improvement projects. Sewing.

    I kinda do whatever. If I need a thing, I try to make or repair it first before purchasing.

  8. I would ask him what tools he lacks but hasn’t bought for himself yet, or ask him what tool he uses most but is the least satisfied with. It sound like he enjoys electronics. How is his soldering iron? Is it any good? Etc.

    Maybe a book on arduino or raspberry pi programming could be something for him?

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