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What do you think is the ultimate goal or purpose of life?

What do you think is the ultimate goal or purpose of life?

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  1. To collect scars on the heart and laugh lines on the face. Trying to spend as much of life being happy will bring the scars. Or one isn’t trying hard enough to be happy.

  2. So I see life as a game of optimization. And not necessarily money but in happiness. I see money as proportional to happiness (money is not happiness but more money leads to more potential for happiness).

    So my goal is to make the most amount of comfortable money (as in doing work that doesn’t take away more happiness than what the money is giving me) and then spending the rest of my time being happy.

  3. This is going to be a spiritual answer, so if that’s not your jam, no sweat. I think our destinies are pre-written and our purpose is to learn from one life path to the next until we achieve enlightenment of some sort.

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