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What do you think is the most overrated age?

I’m 22 at the moment and everyone always talks about early 20s as being the best years of your life, I’m not sure it it’s COVID speaking but I honestly feel like I’m just idling somewhere between being a rebellious teenager where everything is an adventure, and an adult with meaningful responsibilities. I exercise frequently, enjoy learning about different topics, have a good friendship circle, have/had a decent job but still feel like life is just lacking something based on what I used to think characterised being a 22 year old. What age bracket do you feel this way about? How did you feel at 22?

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  1. Yea, you’re just getting started. You hit your prime in your forties and that lasts up in to your 50’s. By the time you’re pushing 60, you start paying for all your old mistakes. Health, financial, life choices, whatever. But it’s all good! It’s all part of the game we call Life!

  2. You are right, the age from teens to early 20s are the most overrated. 25 and up is when your life really starts and take off. Anyone who wishes to go back before that must have peaked back then, and that’s a shitty time of your life to have peaked.

  3. Sixteen. I thought 16 sucked, but it’s romanticized in the movies for both sexes.

    Early 20s was okay–I had a decent college experience. Certainly better than what immediately preceded and followed it.

  4. Age is overrated. It means nothing. A 22 year old can be as immature as a child or as wise as a monk. All depends on an outlook and life experience. And I don’t mean doing things. I mean what has happened to them. There are kids everyday that are forced to grow up faster then they should. Just as there are adults who have been allowed to not grow up in any form.

  5. Anything over 18 when you get a full time job out of college. As soon as I started working and building a career from $55k to now $75k, I don’t do as much “fun” stuff and I can’t see my friends as much because all I got is Saturday, and sunday is my day for ironing clothes and meal prep for the week.

    Not sad, but it’s just reality. I am 25 years old.

  6. 18-28 suck. You too young to have anything established, and in the later stages of that range your old enough that you should have stuff figured out (but you wont).

    25+ stuff starts to even out and stablize, but often you’re just starting life in Ernest, so you feel self doubt and like you’ve accomplished nothing compared to others.

    I hear that 30-60 are the best years, young but competent, middle aged but established, old but stable.

    It’ll be different for everyone tho my guy

  7. 16 and 18. 16 use to feel like close to adulthood in both sexes but some states don’t allow them to drive on their own by then. In America, 18 use to be a big deal but now they can only register to vote and get drafted.

  8. Anything in your 30s. It’s just meh. You are usually raising kids, you don’t really know yourself properly, you haven’t reached that ‘don’t give a shit’ attitude of your 40s.

    Its just a decade of getting older and getting shit done because you have to, not because you want to.

  9. 21M here. What you feel is a representation of movies and pop culture. Most people live their best life in their 35-50 time. Before that one works on building themselves. Regardless of career. Billie Eilish is an exception. Look at eminem and most artists who might become famous early. But only few maintain that.

    Keep going. Most of the greener grass will come up on the other side. Each phase has its benefits but these are the hustling years. Doesn’t mean life will be shit, but there is everything to look forward to.

  10. This was my experience. The problem with early 20s is that you have an entry level salary which isn’t that good. I couldn’t even afford an apartment in an area I would want to live in. Looking back I guess having a new car payment didn’t help. My other spending habits weren’t good either. I was focused solely on the short term and partying. Guys in their mid to late 20s seemed cooler and more confident when I was 22.

  11. Your life is up and downs. 16 – 18 was fucking hilarious.

    18 -21 was crazy

    21 – 25 was very low but also made some amazing memories.

    25 – 30 was a lot calmer.

    I would think less about definition of your age and more about what you did and learnt in those years.

  12. Would say 21 primary due with the ability to legally drink (US wise) and lile that early 20’s even. I seen so many people get caught up in the whole drinking culture and seen people who took part in it in their late 20’s and 30’s even and often not it seems like they are keep on trying to live those days.

  13. by the time that i hit 21, i had already been to plenty of bars, gotten drunk, blacked out, and puked my guts out from drinking. i realize that there’s more to turning 21 besides drinking, but in the us, that’s mainly what most people focus on.

    over the years i’ve slowly started to learn that your age is what you make of it. when i was 21 i was seen as being the ideal age and yet at nearly 30 i’m slowly getting into the best shape of my life and i feel as if better things are coming for me.

  14. At 22 …… fuck, fuck , oh fuck, holy fuck, and WTF?!!

    My personal story is married with 2 kids by 24. Backstory: In simple terms ‘stupid’ But overall it worked out well. I now have 3 awesome kids that make my life way better! So, no regrets!

    To answer the question (which I believe varies from person to person) my late 30s to 40s. I’m 59 now but my shits been breaking since I was young. (bad knees, arthritis …everywhere,etc..) Just coasting now, hoping for a reasonable retirement. But enjoy learning new things, trying new things while still enjoying the old things.

    Oh, and having an wonderful wife makes all of it just awesome!

  15. At 22, I was pretty miserable. I went to college at 18, had my house burn, failed out, and moved back home. Moved out again at 19, ended up with a crazy roommate who wouldn’t pay his bills, couldn’t find a job, and once again, had to move back home again. I didn’t think I would ever get out.

    Personally, I think your teen years are terribly overrated. The bigger narrative about them is that kids have “no responsibilities” and kind of run free. However, most of my experience with it was feeling terribly angsty, having no control over my life, and basically just being locked down because I was still under my parents’ thumb and me doing anything meant more work for them.

    I feel like the “best years of your life” are moving later and later as time goes on. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but I feel like there’s some combination of being stable, care-free, and a sense of optimism about the future that defines them, but those years that seemed to start in high school for Boomers, slowly shifted to college by the time the Boomers’ kids were through high school. Now, I feel like it’s turning into the late 20s, when kids have finished high school, gotten through college, and have waded through the initial slog of terrible jobs before they get a stable job where they can see a future ahead of them.

    I’m 38, and I’m guessing that the people telling you that are people in my age group, and for a lot of them, college was the best time of their life, but now that college is ungodly expensive and not a guarantee of a good job to establish that sense of a good future, it doesn’t have the same shine on it that it had when I first went to school, when they said, “It doesn’t matter what you major in, just get a degree! Student debt is good debt! You’ll graduate and find a good job in no time to pay it off!”

  16. None

    It just depends of the stage of life you are in , every person has a high and low moments thats life and every age is just a step to learn in the journey that is life itself some do better than others with more or less age what matters is the experiences you have and how you learn from them.

  17. Honestly, 21-25.


    You think you’re all grown because you can drink and shit but really you’re a child until 25 that’s when my brain started to functionally look at myself properly.

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